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How we are

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At Bankia we work from the principles of being society’s bank of choice

All the bank's professionals work to promote by promoting good practices to achieve strategic objectives. Integrity, closeness, professionalism, passion, courage and 'we make it possible' are the values ​​of Bankia.

According to that study, in which 7,850 employees participated, Bankia's professionals say they are closely acquainted with the bank's values, with an average score of 8.17 out of 10. As for the degree of identification by Bankia employees with the bank's values, the average score was 8.08 out of 10.

in familiarity, with Bankia values

8.17 (over 10)

in identification with Bankia values

8.08 (over 10)


Bankia personas así somos

Its core asset

Bankia's human capital is the fundamental pillar of the bank and its main asset. Having people who are motivated, prepared and committed is the key to being able to offer an excellent customer service, to achieve the success of the bank's business strategy and to contribute to the repayment of aid.

The people strategy at Bankia is aligned with the business objectives, focusing on the customer and aimed at being the bank preferred by society.

Detecting talent and professional development are essential for Bankia to move towards excellence and for professionals to see their aspirations fulfilled.

Moreover, continuous training ensures that the workforce maintains levels of knowledge and skills/abilities that enable them to face the challenges of a market and an industry that is constantly changing and evolving.

Likewise, the active management of diversity makes it possible to generate more inclusive leadership and boosts the advancement of women towards positions of greater responsibility.

Talent management

To generate a more inclusive leadership


As a lever for the change and commitment of the group


To achieve success through the business strategy and its professionals


Bankia has always shown absolute involvement with social issues within its corporate responsibility strategy.

The hallmark of Bankia’s Social Action is the involvement and collaboration of all its professionals.

Bankia Red Solidaria

In 2019, Bankia organised 175 volunteering days which involved a total of 948 participating volunteers.

Throughout the year, Bankia professionals have a number of opportunities to take part in the bank’s Social Action through a range of volunteering initiatives, which mainly focus on financial education and environmental conferences.


Beneficiaries of volunteer actions.


Hours spent on financial education.


Environmental volunteering conferences (sessions).



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