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Areas and roles

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Bankia organigrama áreas

Bankia's organizational structure allows it to support the bank's digital transformation and that of its businesses.

Bankia professionals carry out their work in one of these twelve groups.


In the People field, the strategic guidelines of the selection, hiring, remuneration, compensation, occupational risk prevention, training and global human resources development policies of the Group are defined and proposed.

The monitoring and supervision of the people policies in force at any given time is directed, managed and carried out.

Support is also given to the business in the detection of new distribution models through market research.


The task of the technology field is to define, plan, develop and maintain support applications for the Group’s different processes. It provides technological support to the bank's clusters, providing them with the necessary information systems and technological resources.

It defines, manages and supervises the bank's communications infrastructure and systems, ensuring an appropriate level of availability and performance. It also provides operational support for branches, taking on administrative tasks of the processes to enhance their dedication to commercial work.

Retail Banking

The Personal Banking area is responsible for establishing the policies and guidelines for managing and boosting the Group’s retail businesses: branches in the personal and SME banking network, multi-channel centres and the private banking segment, through the distribution of products and services, in order to achieve the targets set by the Bankia Group in terms of growth, profitability and risk.

Business Banking

In the Business Banking area, business with companies, corporate clients, organisations and institutions is managed and promoted through the distribution of the necessary specialised products and services, in order to achieve the targets set by the Bankia Group in terms of growth, profitability and risk.

Áreas y roles

Asset Management

In the field of Asset Management, the business of investee companies is managed with the guidance established by Bankia in terms of growth, profitability and risk. It promotes strategic alliances with third parties, boosts the bank’s insurance businesses and carries out the marketing of the bank's products and services through external networks.

In this area, the private banking business is developed and the asset management function is optimised (investment funds, pension funds and SICAVs). Likewise, it facilitates the achievement of synergies related to these businesses and reinforces the orientation of the private banking business towards comprehensive customer asset management.


The Financial sector is responsible for planning, directing and managing the coverage of the bank's financial needs through funding sources of its own or from money markets. Financial management and analysis will be carried out on various aspects of the Bankia Group to support decision-making related to the balance sheet and rating and the dividend policy. It also directs the dialogue with shareholders, analysts, institutional investors, rating agencies and bank counterparties and coordinates the relationship with the banking supervisor.

In Financial, the bank’s strategic and tactical planning is supported and coordinated, and internal control of economic-financial and budgetary management is carried out, as well as analysis of the Group’s investments and divestments and participation in the Bank’s strategy and corporate development projects .

It supervises accounting and tax management and the preparation of the bank's periodic financial statements, guarantees the governance and quality of the corporate information, and performs regulatory and corporate reporting for the businesses.


In Risks, the risks that Bankia assumes in its activity are controlled and supervised, through their identification, assessment and monitoring, control and supervision differentiated according to their nature (credit, market, structural and operational), minimising exposure to them that may affect its solvency level.

It offers a comprehensive and prospective view of the profile of the different risks assumed at any given time and ensures that they are adapted to the appetite for the expected risk. It supervises appropriate compliance with regard to risk control and management by internal audit and by the bank's supervisors.


The Communication area develops social responsibility policies that contribute to positioning the group’s image among its customers and society.  It also manages the Group’s internal and external communication, advertising campaigns and the entity’s image.

Áreas y roles en Bankia

Internal Audit

The Legal Services area provides legal advice to the Bankia Group and exercises its representation and defence before courts and tribunals of any type of jurisdiction. It prepares reports and studies on the doctrine of courts of law and case law, and on legal aspects of interest to Bankia. It also monitors and centralises information on procedures, processes and litigation in general, promoting their computerisation and accessibility, to facilitate collection of reports and periodic communication on processing status for the affected bodies. It also ensures the integrity and security of the files and documentation within its scope.

Legal advising

Desde el área de Servicios Jurídicos se presta asesoramiento jurídico al Grupo Bankia y se ejerce su representación y defensa ante los juzgados y tribunales de justicia de cualquier orden jurisdiccional. Elabora informes o estudios sobre la doctrina de los tribunales de justicia y la jurisprudencia, y sobre los aspectos jurídicos de interés para Bankia. Asimismo, realiza el seguimiento y centraliza la información sobre procedimientos, procesos y litigios en general, promoviendo su informatización y accesibilidad, para facilitar la obtención de informes y comunicación periódica sobre el estado de tramitación a los órganos afectados. También vela por la integridad y seguridad de los expedientes y documentación de su ámbito.

Regulatory compliance

In the Regulatory Compliance area, the risks assumed by Bankia are identified and analysed with respect to possible penalties, fines or loss of reputation as a result of breaches of laws, regulations, internal rules, codes of ethics or standards of good practice relating to the financial sector. It disseminates regulations and advises the bank's groups on regulatory compliance. It also supervises regulatory compliance, makes recommendations and monitors the proposed controls and corrective measures.


The Studies area analyses the economic, financial and regulatory environment in which the Bankia Group operates in order to support the bank's decision-making with studies and forecasts. It generates and disseminates content within the scope of macroeconomic and financial analysis, which contributes to the bank's communication policy, and to digital positioning and corporate image.


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