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Diversity and equality

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Active management of diversity at Bankia generates more inclusive leadership.

To balance the presence of women in management positions and ensure medium-term sustainability by launching different talent identification and development programmes that seek to foster the growth of female talent, the Bank’s Steering Committee approved the Gender Diversity Plan 2018-2020, with the following lines of action:

  • Commitment of the company: managing and developing gender diversity as a strategic factor, with follow-up by the Steering Committee.
  • Training and awareness-raising: approaching gender diversity from a broad and inclusive perspective, raising awareness among managers and technicians about the importance of managing diversity and seeking to eliminate prejudice and unconscious biases.
  • Development of talent: develop detailed plans by groupings with specific actions for talented women.
  • Indicators and monitoring: set objectives, measure progress and degree of compliance and establish additional measures when necessary.

Within the framework of the Diversity Plan, the entity has promoted a variety of communication activities, such as presenting the plan to the various corporate directorates; conference to raise awareness about the diversity paradigms and biases in society, and the organisation of awareness workshops and inclusive leadership among all the professionals that make up Bankia.

Bankia personas diversidad

The 2018-2020 Gender Diversity Plan seeks to promote the presence of women in management positions and to ensure the sustainability and development of talent.

Additionally, throughout the last financial year, the bank has shown its firm commitment to a variety of projects focused on the promotion of diversity:

  • Adherence to the Eje&Con code of good practices for talent management and improving the competitiveness of companies.
  • Renewal of the Charter for Diversity badge, which sets out a series of fundamental principles on equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.
  • Incorporation into Closingap Women for a Healthy Economy, a reference platform for analysing the economic and social opportunity cost of gender gaps supported by eleven large companies
  • Preparation of the Catalogue of Good Practices for Equality, in collaboration with the Woman's Week Foundation and the ECOFIN Forum, which includes measures for the integration and promotion of Equality, in order to stimulate its imitation and generalisation.
  • Signature of the #CEOPorLaDiversidad Alliance, which aims to bring together, at European level, the commitment of companies to be promoters and accelerate the implementation and development of diversity and inclusion policies.


On 19 July 2016, the Bankia Equality Plan was signed with the majority of the workers’ representatives. The plan sets out the following objectives and measures for achieving equal treatment and opportunities among men and women, while eliminating all forms of gender discrimination:

  • Transmit the governing principles of equal opportunities to all managers or heads directly or indirectly involved in decision-making on promotions through specific equality modules.
  • Promote the effective enforcement of equality among women and men, guaranteeing the same opportunities for hiring and career advancement in the workplace and carrying out affirmative action measures to achieve this objective.
  • Ensure that people management systems guarantee equality between men and women at all times.
  • Raise awareness across the organisation about the measures available for work-like balance, so employees can make use of them, no matter their gender.

To accomplish these objectives, specific actions have been undertaken in relation to selection and recruitment, professional promotion, training and remuneration.

The Equality Plan also includes the pledge to promote further access to managerial positions by the most under-represented gender. The aim is to guarantee that at least 40% of new appointments to managerial positions through to 2020 are covered by persons of the most under-represented gender, thus ensuring that the promotion system does not discriminate against any segment or group on the basis of gender, but rather that the suitability of candidates for the position is assessed on the basis of their individual merits.

The Equality Plan also includes an annex titled Protocol on the Prevention of Workplace, Sexual or GenderBased Harassment, which prohibits any action or conduct that might impair the dignity of any Bankia employee.

This protocol extends to all premises and sites on which Bankia employees work. It also applies to employees of external companies subcontracted by Bankia and temporary employment agencies that assign workers to work on the Bank’s premises.

Bankia insists that all staff members, particularly those who lead and manage work teams, disseminate and raise awareness of this protocol.

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