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Dual Training Programmes in Bankia

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Bankia continues its efforts to raise awareness about vocational training and Dual Training as a lever for transforming the education system and boosting youth employment, and is doing so with a new promotion of its pioneering initiative, which has turned the bank into the only financial institution in Spain to have its own Dual Training project.

Bankia has added 30 students as customer managers after completing their training in the FP Dual Bankia project, which started in 2015

In 2019, the fifth graduating class of students started its education, having started the 2015 FP Dual Bankia project. The aim has always been to provide students in the higher degree of Administration and Finance with training as managers of financial institutions, strongly oriented towards practical issues, to turn these students into professionals with the skills demanded by the job market and an experience that improves their employability.

Since 2015, 30 students from the first two promotions have joined Bankia as customer managers after completing their training. Each student receives a total of 2,668 training hours distributed as follows: 1,350 in an educational centre and 1,061 in an office.

Students come from four schools in two autonomous communities, Madrid and Valencia. In Madrid, two centres of the Gredos San Diego Cooperative: Buitrago and Las Suertes. In Valencia, at CIPFP Mislata and Florida Centre de Formació Cooperativa Valenciana. The training takes place in Bankia classrooms and their corresponding schools, offices of individuals and business centres of the bank, which makes it possible to fully integrate the different professional teams, assuming their challenges and objectives. Students also take part in multichannel business management at the 'Connect with your expert' centres. In total, eleven months of training at its centres and nine months at Bankia, where they received a monthly scholarship of 520 euros.

Bankia's involvement in the project is cross-cutting, encompassing the advice given to teachers by the centres, the design of the student training plan together with the educational centres and the undertaking of various training activities by Bankia professionals.

Business tutors, who are the directors of the offices where the students are assigned, are particularly important. They are responsible for promoting their integration in the teams and their involvement in the production process of the entity, guiding them during their stay at the offices, coordinating the learning process with the schools and assessing their progress for a final evaluation. Eva Carmona, from the Division of Cultural Transformation Projects, and Diego Hernández Aparicio, from the Persons Division of the Levante DT (both in the picture below), have participated in the program as Bankia corporate mentors, imparting training sessions training for students.


Bankia personas Formación Dual Bankia

Bankia is the only bank that has its own Dual Vocational Training project, which involves directors and teams from offices and business centres


Total hours
of training received by each student


of training at schools


Training hours
at Bankia’s branches and centres


Customer managers
who joined Bankia after completing their training

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