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Health and safety

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Bankia promotes a work environment based on the health and safety of its professionals, through the development of a consistent and coordinated Occupational Risk Prevention policy.

The entity has a Prevention Management System, which encompasses all activities aimed at reducing and controlling occupational risks, the guidelines of which are based on the Annual Programme of Preventive Activities, and which have the direct involvement of the Management Committee, the Deputy General Directorate of People and Culture and the State Committee on Health and Safety.

Among the projects and activities executed during 2019, the bank developed the 'Your Well-being' Programme, aimed at generating a healthy, collaborative and open company culture in accordance with the corporate strategy. This initiative was recognised by ORH-Human Resources Observatory (spanish version) .

The cross-cutting 'Your Well-being' project promotes healthy habits and considers the workplace as a health scenario. The premise is to ensure the health of bank professionals. This tool has evolved towards the idea of 'Well-being Lab', a laboratory of healthy initiatives.

During 2019, the bank launched the 'Bankia Facilita' service, in collaboration with the Alares Foundation, the purpose of which is to contribute to the physical and emotional well-being of the bank's workers, as well as their families.

Institutional commitments

Bankia adheres to the Luxembourg Declaration (European Network for Workplace Health Promotion), which has four fundamental pillars: a healthy work environment, emotional well-being, promotion of healthy habits and prevention and safety services and activities.

The bank is a member of AESPLA (Spanish Association of Occupational Prevention Services), a non-profit association that helps companies improve the management of occupational prevention services. Bankia also actively collaborates with the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) and the Spanish Red Cross.

Bankia was part of the fourth edition of the Ágora Well-being Organising Committee under the title: The path to well-being and business efficiency.

Likewise, Bankia is a member of PRLinnovación, an association/forum created to promote a culture of innovation in the field of prevention, with the aim of generating value for people.

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