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Why Bankia

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Trabajar Bankia

Working at Bankia means being part of an organization that considers people as its main asset. For this reason, the entity compensates its commitment, supports its growth and facilitates its well-being.

Solid corporate culture Bankia

Bankia has a very consolidated corporate culture based on its ambition as a bank and its values.

Bankia's ambition and values are the institution’s DNA and the cornerstones of its culture. They show the reason for doing things and how to do them.

Bankia's ambition defines its raison d'etre as a bank: 'We work from the principles of being society’s bank of choice'.

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Everyone who is part of the Bankia team takes the project forward every day, which is why everyone’s talent is necessary to continue growing.

Bankia's progress, competitiveness and sustainability are tied to the advancement of all its human capital, both women and men.

Bankia seeks to develop of a more diverse talent pool that promotes the gender balance in the bank. Active management of diversity is making it possible to generate more inclusive leadership in the bank and reinforces the progress of women towards positions of greater responsibility. We have set a target of 40% women in management positions, a commitment with which the entity is contributing to SDG 5, Gender equality.

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Diversity and equality Bankia

Management style Bankia

Bankia has its own management style, aligned with its values, which places people at the centre of managerial action.

The relationship with the managers marks the day-to-day experience and experience as Bankia employees to a great extent.

It is essential for managers to have an identifiable and consistent management style that aligns with the ambition, values and Code of Ethics and Conduct, and for them to also act as a key source of guidance and a lever for activating the commitment and development of the teams.

Bankia has a Management Style book, which contains the principles and guidelines that represent the essence of the management function.

Furthermore, it has an ongoing commitment to the training and development of all its executives through various programmes.

In recognition of Bankia’s coaching activities in 2018 and 2019, the financial institution was awarded third ‘Culture of Business Coaching’ prize in 2019 from AECOP (Spanish Executive-Organisational Coaching and Mentoring Association).

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Training Bankia

Bankia offers its employees training programmes that help them improve their knowledge, skills and abilities to adapt quickly to changes and evolve in their professional capacities.

To do so, Bankia has an Annual Training Plan with the cross-cutting objective of promoting digital and cultural transformation as part of the philosophy of the institution.

Its regulatory, business advising and risk management training programmes and financial advising (MIFID II) and real estate credit expert (LCCI) certification courses have also been very important.

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Bankia planes formación

Development talent Bankia

Meritocracy is one of Bankia's deeply rooted and fundamental principles and part of its essence. Accordingly, the bank has a development and talent model aimed at satisfying employees’ aspirations for growth and professional development in line with to their potential and achievements.

All this is part of a framework that raises the visibility of skills and roles that are critical for the bank and facilitates and encourages self-development.

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Recognising efforts and achievements and making them visible is part of Bankia's culture.

Recognition not only means showing appreciation but also giving visibility to the contributions, hard work and achievements of the people who form part of the institution.

For this reason, recognition is a key pillar for generating commitment and has to be a standard practice and part of the day-to-day activity of the bank and, especially, of its managers.

As a symbol of the importance of recognition in our ways of doing things, the bank has an Institutional Recognition Program.

Well being health Bankia

The overall well-being of the Bankia team is a priority. For this reason, the bank offers its professionals a wide variety of actions and initiatives to promote it in all areas (health, flexibility, work-life balance).

The bank strives to develop a healthy, collaborative and open company culture in accordance with the corporate strategy through the ‘Your Wellness’ programme, an initiative that has been recognised by the Human Resources Observatory (ORH in its Spanish acronym).

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Plan de acogida Bankia

Onboarding plan Bankia

Everyone hired by Bankia participates in an onboarding plan designed to ensure that they know and understand the bank’s culture, can access useful information and have everything they need from day one. The aim is to make sure that joining the Bankia project is an excellent experience.


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