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Profesionales Bankia

The people who make up the Bankia team are the entity's greatest asset

Bankia's professionals are honest, close and brave who work every day to make Bankia the bank preferred by society. The entity recognizes their commitment supporting their professional growth and offering them opportunities to develop their talent.

Get to know Bankia through the stories of its professionals.

Alfonso Pérez Ferreiro Bankia

I feel that I am part of a leading company in which professional growth is within everyone's reach.

Alfonso Pérez Ferreiro
Financial advisor at Bankia

“Working in a work environment of camaraderie, teamwork mentality and constant support for one another promotes my personal growth and makes labour relations constructive”, says Alfonso Pérez, a Bankia financial advisor in Madrid.

Read Alfonso's full story

During my time as a student I had a certain inclination towards working in the banking sector due to the influence of my family environment, since both my maternal grandfather and my mother worked in banking. It was in 2007 when I joined Bankia, determined to start my professional career in the financial sector, motivated by the opportunity that I was offered to join the commercial branch network and transfer my knowledge practically, being in direct and close contact with customers right from the start.

In these 13 years, I have carried out the roles of commercial manager, portfolio manager for SME customers and I currently work in financial advisory at branch 1852, located in Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid, one of the bank’s most representative offices.

Among my main duties is financial advice to meet investment decision-making needs, as well as supporting and assisting our customers in their personal and business projects, always bearing in mind the creation of a lasting relationship based on trust and closeness, where the customer is always at the centre.

My main motivation is to continue progressing in the development of my professional and personal career at the bank, contributing my experience and enthusiasm to the entire team, always with the aim of learning and continuously improving, upholding the values of effort, responsibility and humility that allow me to continue to face new challenges.

With this goal in mind, and thanks to Bankia's opportunities in talent management and internal professional development, I am currently taking part in a leadership programme.

Working in a work environment of camaraderie, teamwork mentality and constant support for one another promotes my personal growth and makes labour relations constructive. When it comes to dealing with customers directly, it is personally enriching to be able to help them and meet their needs.

Professionally, working in the field of financial advisory allows me to be up-to-date in terms of financial markets and the economic situation. In addition, I always have training available in areas such as digitalisation, new financial products, standards and regulations, among others.

Undoubtedly, working at Bankia means being part of a leading company in the sector, where the potential for professional development is very wide and opportunities for progress and growth are available to the entire team. In addition, the continuous training offer to which we have access enables us to always be up-to-date in this dynamic and constantly evolving sector.

In a practical way, Bankia offers us tools that make it easier to perform functions, highlighting the effort towards digitising tasks and communicating with our customers.

The human side, the work environment and the professional support that I have had since I first started at Bankia are, without a doubt, the key factors that have contributed to the development of my professional career and continue to do so.

There is a great commitment to equal opportunities, diversity and meritocracy.

Sonia Andrés Jimeno
Area manager of Ciudad Real Este at Bankia

“I have been able to develop professionally at the bank, always having the support of my direct superiors and the bank’s team”, explains Sonia Andrés Jimeno, Area Manager of Ciudad Real Este since 2019.

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When I finished my studies, one of my first goals was to work in banking, so I prepared for the entrance exams that were available at the time and I began my professional career at Caja Segovia, now part of Bankia.

My first position of responsibility was as assistant manager of a branch in Madrid. Two years later, I was already a branch manager. Between 2002 and 2012, I held this position, but in different branches in the network, mainly in Madrid. Subsequently, I was an SME manager to the Area Manager of Segovia Centro-Sur, a position I held for two years.

In 2017 I went back to the network as a branch manager in Segovia and in April 2019 I was appointed as Area Manager of Ciudad Real Este, a role I currently perform.

I have been able to grow professionally within Bankia thanks to the bank’s commitment to people development. This has allowed me to interact with different areas of the bank, which has enriched and strengthened my profession, and it has helped me to have a very broad vision of the company.

During these years working at Bankia, I have received continuous support from my direct superiors at all times and I have had the pleasure of working with a great team of professionals who have given me the opportunity to grow day by day.

In the future, I hope to continue growing professionally to offer the best of me to the bank and to be able to enjoy my new responsibilities, because if there is something that Bankia stands out for, it is its commitment to equal opportunities, diversity and defence of the value of meritocracy.

Sonia Andrés Jimeno Bankia

Francisco Javier Bonell

"Our leadership model is based on individual commitment, trust and delegation".

Francisco Javier Bonell
Director of the Valencia large companies centre at Bankia.

“The People team strives to ensure that professionals organise themselves in a very cross-cutting way, so that all people can have development opportunities in the different areas of the bank”, said Francisco Javier Bonell, director of the Valencia Large Companies Centre.

Read Javier's full story

I arrived at the bank in May 2006, from Banco Santander, to participate in a new business project. As soon as I joined, I served as manager of the Business Corner of Cartagena (Murcia), which included the management of companies and institutions with turnover of over 6 million euros in the province.

In 2011, I took over the management of the Pamplona Business Centre, with a scope of action that encompasses the entire Autonomous Community of Navarra, managing a team of six people with whom we managed to establish ourselves, over the course of five years, as a benchmark bank in the main companies and institutions of Navarra.

In 2016 I received a proposal to return to my “homeland” to run the Valencia-Port Business Centre, which groups together the port and logistics sector, as well as the companies of Sagunto, through a Business Corner, which covers Campo de Morvedre. The team was made up of nine people and, with everyone's effort and specialisation, we were able to participate in the main corporate operations in our field.

Two years later, I had the opportunity to manage the Valencia Large Companies Centre, made up of a team of 15 people and almost 1,000 managed companies. Within the customer portfolio are the main business groups in Valencia with which, thanks to teamwork and relationship quality, we are becoming a benchmark entity.

In the time that I have developed my professional career at Bankia, I have realised that the bank's corporate values are deeply internalised and shared by all the people who are part of the bank and are the basis for the development of any professional.

Bankia fosters leadership that facilitates the growth and responsibility of the based on individual commitment, trust and delegation, being aware of the importance of cohesive and diverse teams.

A lever that marked a before and after in my professional career was signing a Career Development Plan with Human Resources, which involved three important milestones:

  • Placements in various areas such as Organisation, Business Intelligence, Innovation and Technology and the Madrid North Territorial Division.
  • Mentoring programme in which Bankia assigns a mentor, a manager of recognised prestige in the organisation, where day-to-day experiences are shared over a period of one and a half years.
  • Tutoring of middle managers from various areas to give them a different approach. The first person I tutored belonged to the Solvency Division. I am currently tutoring a professional from the Business Intelligence Division.

The mentoring experience, together with the tutoring, creates true bonds between the people who take part, enriching both parties. It was truly exceptional to take part in these processes.

Looking forward, I hope that I can continue to enjoy what I do, contributing the greatest possible value to the organisation. The environment of change that we currently live in will give us new professional opportunities to which I will always be open.

I believe that Bankia is a company in which a professional career can be developed because it offers innovation and supports the development of its workers. From the start, talent is worked on with actions that allow and facilitate professional growth, such as the Management Skills Development Plans or the Digital Talent Development Plans, with the aim of designing an individual career plan suitable for each person.

The People team strives to ensure that professionals organise themselves in a very cross-cutting way, so that all people can have development opportunities in the different areas of the bank, irrespective of their area of origin. Another important lever for the growth of people in the organisation is the publication at national level of vacancies that arise in all directorates.

People are the key to any success.

Yolanda Moreno Morales
Financial advisor at the regional directorate at Bankia

“Looking ahead, I hope to continue my career with the enthusiasm of continuing to grow as a professional”, says Yolanda Moreno, financial advisor at the Regional Directorate of Cataluña

Read Yolanda's full story

I remember my early days as being filled with great enthusiasm and the expectation of the great opportunity that was being offered to me. In 2008, I started my career in a sector that was undergoing transformation and in an entity with a great prospects for growth and positioning in the Regional Directorate of Catalonia. I felt very fortunate to be chosen from among several candidates after a long selection process.

I came from a variety of sectors such as textiles or the sports sector, where I developed a great vocation for people, for teamwork and focused on results-orientation, working as a sales manager.

During my early years at the bank, I belonged to the steering team of the Regional Directorate of Catalonia, which enabled me to have a global vision of the bank, getting to know the work in different branches within the commercial network and performing different functions, which fostered my adaptability.

At this stage I got to know the business and learned from great professionals with whom I have shared many projects. I have been fortunate to be able to have experiences and learn from the best, recognising opportunities and working in the different lines of business.

In 2011 I was appointed as a financial advisor, a position currently under development, which has enabled me to have a more specialised vision and work on portfolio management. My work requires specific training , since we fully advise our customers, including external investments, actively monitor and propose alternatives according to their needs and expectations. We work to make things possible.

The current transformation of the sector is making us become personally involved in this new reality, being sensitive to customers' emotions and feelings. Improving quality, adding value and maintaining a positive attitude are daily goals.

Looking forward, I hope to continue my career with the enthusiasm of continuing to grow as a professional.

I also aspire to have the possibility of assuming managerial responsibilities in the management and development of teams, promoting the commitment and pride of belonging to an entity that is likely to become the bank preferred by society, applying values such as integrity, professionalism and courage.

At Bankia, people are the key to any success. Therefore, the bank has plans to develop their professional career. The bank also actively manages diversity to generate more inclusive leadership.

Yolanda Moreno Morales Bankia

Raquel Muñoz Macían Bankia

All professionals have the opportunity to develop a career.

Raquel Muñoz Macián
Financial advisor at Bankia

“I want to take on new challenges and responsibilities within the bank. I aspire to manage a branch and its team of people”, explains Raquel Muñoz, financial advisor at Bankia, who highlights the talent management, diversity within the organisation and the training offered by the bank to its professionals.

Read Raquel's full story

At 23, I had finished my studies at the School of Law and Languages at the EOI. I wanted to start work. I filled a folder with copies of my CV and within two days I had delivered them to the main banks at the time.

In summer the good news came. In the same week they called me from two different banks to inform me that I had successfully passed the selection process to join their team of professionals. I had to choose which one I would take, and to make the decision I assessed issues such as corporate culture, regional roots and social commitment... and in July 2005 I joined this family.

I am currently a financial advisor at Bankia. My job is to build long-lasting business relationships with bank customers, offering them financial and tax advice at the most important times in their lives, such as buying a home or collecting their pension, and helping them plan their investments based on their age and personal characteristics. I also support them along the path of digital transformation.

I love my job and I want to take on new challenges and responsibilities within the bank. I aspire to manage a branch and its team of people, so that I can continue to grow professionally and personally.

Being a banking professional requires continuous updating and training in an environment that is changing faster and faster, which is enormously enriching. For me, training is a fundamental pillar in the workplace, which is why I appreciate that Bankia offers its professionals the resources to carry it out with flexibility and cutting-edge technology.

Bankia, with its professional development and talent management model, gives all the bank's professionals the opportunity to develop professionally. It is also an entity that is committed to gender diversity, taking very important steps. We have great female role models in our company that serve as an example to any female colleague who wants to develop.

But, if I have to choose something, I choose the team, with the men and women who make up Bankia. It is the experiences that I share with colleagues that make each day different, add experience and enrich my personal background.

José María Reguera Minguez Bankia

The personal situation of each employee is taken into account and this facilitates conciliation.

José María Reguera Mínguez
Assistant branch manager at Bankia

"Whenever I have raised my hand to ask to grow professionally, Bankia has taken pains to help me develop," said José María Reguera, an assistant branch manager from Segovia, who aspires to be a branch manager and manage large teams.

Read José María's full story

When I was studying at the University of Valladolid (Segovia Campus), Caja Segovia published on the university bulletin board the call for a training programme in Savings Banks that consisted of a selective test and subsequent training for recruitment into the bank’s replacement staff team. At the time I thought "And why not?". I managed to pass the selective test and began by joining the replacement staff team. A year later, they gave me a permanent job and, in 2011, with the integration of the original savings banks, I began my career at Bankia.

Currently, I am assistant branch manager at Segovia Branch 7597, which has a staff of 14 employees. I have various functions to perform, but I would like to highlight the management and coordination of the work team. I am the direct manager of a part of this team and responsible for certain operational aspects of the office.

My main motivation at Bankia is doing a job that I am passionate about, which adds to the possibility of continuing to make progress in the company and of making a professional career. Thinking about the near future, I would like to reach a management position in a branch, preferably related to the business world, and, as the years go by, I will assume the management of larger branches to then, at some point, make the leap and coordinate large teams.

Personally, my work at Bankia gives me stability, peace of mind for the future and, above all, the gratifying feeling of not being a number within the organisation. The company facilitates reconciliation and takes into account the personal situation of each employee. In addition, at Bankia I have met great people and some of them now form my closest circle of friends.

Professionally, working at Bankia gives me great dynamism. I am a person who does not feel comfortable in a routine, who from time to time likes to change his work environment, who needs new challenges and has a great need to learn new things.

Working with customers makes each day different from the previous one: each customer is an individual and the way of treating each of them is completely different. This forces you to think and you have to design different strategies for each of them.

Bankia has fully understood this need and in the 14 years that I have been with the bank, I have been through six different positions in which I have been able to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge: commercial manager, financial advisor, technical officer in Area Management, micro-enterprises manager, assistant manager of a medium-sized branch and assistant manager of a large branch.

The bank has always made a commitment to training, which helps its professionals to obtain both mandatory and non-mandatory qualifications. This means that we always stay up-to-date.

 In terms of people development, I have my own example: whenever I have raised my hand to ask to grow professionally, People have taken pains to help me in my professional development, to give me advice and guide me to achieve my goals.

I am part of a great team that I am especially grateful for their support and collaboration.

Marina Hontañón Menor
Financial reporting at Bankia

“I want to take advantage of the opportunity to learn from the new challenges that we are facing right now”, explains Marina Hontañón, director of investment analysis and financial reporting at Bankia.

Read Marina's full story

I started my professional career at Bankia through a collaboration grant with my University in 2008. I started off by working in the commercial network for six months. After this period, I became part of the permanent Bankia staff, carrying out my work in the Retail Banking Network branches, collaborating with Business Centres or with branches with exceptional and specific support needs. At this stage I was given the opportunity to get to know the banking business in depth, the basis of the bank's activity.

After that first year, I became part of the People Directorate, specifically in the field of management, where I developed and implemented cross-cutting projects at Human Resources level, and sometimes with the collaboration of other areas of the bank. Subsequently I became part of the Chairman’s Office team.

Since my university days, the financial sector had particularly attracted my attention. At the beginning of my professional career I studied a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking. Therefore, when I was offered the opportunity to be part of the bank’s Financial Division, it was particularly interesting for me to be able to learn and develop my professional career in this area.

When I started in the Financial Division, I worked in the Capital Management Division, where I had the opportunity to specialise and learn more about the importance of capital and its implications for financial institutions. In addition, knowledge of the capital ratios and the financial vision that emerges from them allowed me to access my current position as head of the Investment Analysis and Financial Reporting Directorate, a position I have held since March 2019.

I am facing this new stage with special enthusiasm, forming part of a great team to which I am especially grateful for their support and collaboration. The associated functions, which are highly focused on the financial evolution of the bank, constantly give me an overview of the organisation.

Bankia has given me the opportunity to collaborate in different areas and to acquire an overview of the bank, which has helped me to understand the interrelationships between the different clusters and the importance of the functions performed by each of them for the bank as a whole.

At this time, all the collaborations that I have carried out with the people who are part of Bankia have been very enriching experiences and have undoubtedly helped my professional growth, since I have learned from all of them. I believe that the entire Bankia team shares a global vision of the bank, a sense of belonging to which each of us, consciously, contributes with their work and effort every day.

Looking ahead, I would like to continue to grow professionally within the bank, increasing my level of specialisation in the field of finance. I would like to take this opportunity to learn from the new challenges that we face at this time.

Bankia is a bank that invests in its human capital and promotes the training and development of people, to whom it offers a highly enriching level of functional mobility, without losing sight of the specialisation required by the various clusters.

In addition, there are opportunities within the organisation to grant the meritocracy deserved by the effort and performance of the people who are part of Bankia. I think this has been increasing and meritocracy is a tangible reality in our bank, in which we are all participants, which we share and try to reflect in our day-to-day lives.

Maria Hontañón Menor Bankia

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