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Bankia profesionales equipo cifras

The Bankia team is composed of 16,035 professionals who, day by day, work so that responsible management is present in every aspect of the business.

The entity allocated 6.15 million euros in 2019 to train its professionals in advice and marketing of products, risk management and digital skills.

Distribución profesionales

Location of our professionals

At the end of 2019, the Bankia team is made up of 16,035 people.

Of these, 16,029 carry out their activity in Spain and six abroad (China, Cuba and Morocco).

Professionals Bankia location Spain

Professionals Bankia location Spain

A total of 13,355 Bankia professionals work in business, 2,254 in central services and 426 in investees.

Business, central services and investees

The average age of Bankia's professionals is 45 years.

Average age

Bankia igualdad género profesionales

Bankia defends gender balance among its professionals

The entity involves both women and men in promoting equality, reinforcing women's leadership in promoting them to managerial positions and mentoring women to support them in their professional development.

The Bankia team are made up of 9,014 women and 7,021 men. 99.9% of professionals have a permanent contract.

Professionals Bankia 2020

57.37% of management posts are held by men and 42.63% women (includes directors of central services and directors and deputy directors of the commercial network).

Management posts

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