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Advantages and social benefits

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Bankia repays the commitment and the achievements of its employees by offering them a series of social benefits in such highly valued aspects as contributions to the employee pension plan, death and disability insurance, health insurance and the financial assistance for their children’s education.

Nearly 100% of Bankia professionals enjoy a contribution from the entity to the employee pension plan. They also benefit from coverage of death and disability risks through an insurance policy contracted by the Employee Pension Plan.

Likewise, the bank offers professionals and their families (spouses or domestic partners and children up to 25 years of age) healthcare coverage, accident and advance insurance, loans and/or mortgages at a subsidised interest rate.

The bank's professionals can opt for assistance for the education of children up to 25 years of age. Professionals who have children with disabilities or who spend the night outside their place of residence may also have access to financial assistance for their schooling.

  2019 2018
Percentage of professionals who receive a contribution from Bankia to the employee pension plan 99.97% 99.97%
Number of employees and family members (spouses or partners and children up to 25 years of age) covered by the employee health insurance policy 28,046 30,053
Number of employees with advances, loans and/or mortgages subject to subsidised interest rates during the year 13,357 14,752
Number of professionals receiving study grants/aid 406 319
Number of professionals who receive educational support for disabled children and children who sleep away from home 914 962
Number of professionals who receive grants for children's schooling 10.804 11.657
Number of professionals on leave of absence for personal reasons 85 74
Number of professionals to have taken maternity leave 387 456
Number of professionals to have taken paternity leave 192 241

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