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Bankia's talent model aims to identify, develop and manage the potential of its professionals to ensure that the bank has talented people who consolidate differential and sustainable competitive advantages in a manner consistent with the values of the bank.

The work of the bank’s professionals is a fundamental pillar in promoting bank transformation and business development. That is why Bankia fosters the search for talent in a meritocratic manner and increases the aspiration and autonomy levels of its teams.

Bankia personas desarrollo

Talent management at Bankia is focused on driving the bank’s cultural transformation and fostering a more agile and customer-centric organisation.

Among the talent development initiatives launched by the bank are:

  • Senior Management Programme (PAD): a programme aimed at the entity’s corporate executives. In the edition held in 2019 the participants worked both strategically, putting the customer at the centre, as well as at personal level, offering new development perspectives for their leadership capacity.
  • 'Take the Initiative' programme: focused on gender diversity, this programme involves 20 female directors belonging to the talent group, and includes the first edition of the "Diversity Mentoring Programme" as its main action.
  • ‘Digital eSports’ development programme: a programme to boost digital skills such as critical thinking, future vision, decision-making, confidence, drive, autonomy and communication within an innovative and disruptive environment.
  • ‘LideraT’ Workshops: Workshops focusing on the development of specific skills through guided practice, for example related to digital change or team leadership.
  • Excellence Scholarships: Programme with which Bankia seeks to drive the bank’s digital transformation and the evolution of roles in a constantly changing environment, in which adaptation and specialisation acquire an increasingly important role. In 2019, 30 Excellence Scholarships were awarded to bank professionals.
  • Bankia Dual Vocational Training Programme: Project with which Bankia maintains its educational commitment to employment and young people, which has allowed it to incorporate 42 students as customer managers.
  • Conference on regulatory compliance culture: Workshops that have aimed to permeate the regulatory compliance culture throughout the Group.

Within this talent management policy, Bankia develops other high-value activities, such as the Development Programme for Commercial Network Managers; the Development Programme for Newly-Appointed Commercial Network Managers; the Development Programme for Central Service Managers; the Development Programme for Newly-Appointed Central Service Managers; the Development Programme for Commercial Network and Central Service Middle Managers; and attendance at the Leading in Complexity Programme of the CEDE Foundation International Centre for Leadership Development (ICLD).

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