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Management style

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The 'Somos Bankia' values (trustworthy, close, professional, passionate, bold and 'we make it possible') are the basis of Bankia’s management style.

The key element of managerial responsibility is the management and development of the teams, as people are the key to any Bankia success. Acquiring the status of manager means aspiring to be a reference of leadership for the team and entails taking on the responsibility of generating and promoting commitment and pride in belonging to Bankia among the team members.

Some of the actions carried out around the Bankia leadership model include:

  • Management Style Book: Summarises the fundamental aspects of what it means to be a Bankia manager. The book aims to be a help guide for managers to integrate our values into their standard day-to-day activities.
  • Management Communication Systematic Approach: Project aimed at ensuring the flow of information and communication necessary for the optimal development of the activity and to strengthen the commitment of the teams, thereby providing greater context and meaning to their work.
  • Internal Recognition Programme: the purpose of the programme is to incorporate the practice of recognition into the entity’s day-to-day activities, showing appreciation for professionals and their management.
  • Bankia Management Style Conferences: Which in 2019 included the participation of more than 890 managers with the aim of reflecting on the evolution of the culture within the entity and how to transmit that culture through leadership.

As part of the cross-cutting process of cultural transformation, coaching has emerged as a key tool for turning managers into active leaders in change. As acknowledgement for the activities carried out in this area, Bankia has obtained recognition for the ‘Business Coaching Culture’, awarded by AECOP (Spanish Association of Organisational Executive Coaching and Mentoring).

On a periodic basis, Bankia measures the evolution of its management style through employee surveys.

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