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Selection processes

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Bankia procesos selección

Selection process aligned with bankia's values

The entity expects that the professionals who are part of the organization are people of integrity, close, brave and with a vocation for service.

External selection

Selection processes at Bankia are aimed at managing the needs of incorporating professionals in positions that cannot be filled internally by the bank itself.

These processes and actions are part of Bankia’s strategy in its quest for excellence, enabling it to have the best professional profiles necessary for achieving a common goal.

External selection aims to increase the value of the organisation by contracting the best profiles available in the market according to the needs of each job requested. Responsible management of external selection reinforces the entity's competitive advantages and leadership.

The bank expects all members of the organisation to commit to the Bankia project, to be upstanding, approachable and courageous, ready to give their best to make Bankia society’s first choice. Accordingly, the bank has high regard for a spirit of tenacity, the ability to contribute new ideas that help the bank to stay at the forefront of the financial sector, a service-minded attitude, and the desire to make Bankia’s story a successful one.

Each professional incorporated has the support of the Deputy General Directorate of People and Culture through monitoring of their progress and adaptation, thereby ensuring the quality of the external selection process.

Most of the vacancies that arose in the entity during 2019 were filled internally. However, the main lines of transformation that Bankia is carrying out, both at digital level and at organisational and cultural level, have led to the need to incorporate external talent, mainly of a specialised nature, to cover specific positions and those of a marked technical or technological nature (121 contracted, 19 of them with a managerial profile).

Likewise, in order to provide the entity with junior talent, 141 commercial managers also joined the network of individuals and companies.

Internal selection

In April 2019, Bankia launched the internal vacancy process in order to facilitate, in a close and transparent manner, access for the Group’s different professionals to the various vacancies.

This process opens up new development opportunities and makes it possible to take advantage of the knowledge, skills and expectations of the entity's professionals. It also represents another step in the development of Bankia's culture of meritocracy, facilitating internal mobility and career development.

During 2019, a total of 400 vacancies were offered (26% with a managerial profile and 74% non-managerial positions), distributed equally between the commercial network and central services. 1,031 people have signed up for these vacancies.

At year-end, 64.25% of the processes offered had been satisfactorily covered and an additional 16.5% were in the study phase.

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