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Bankia has an annual Training Plan that allows bank professionals to develop knowledge, skills and abilities to adapt quickly to changes and evolve their job skills.

This plan is fully aligned with the cross-cutting objective of promoting digital and cultural transformation within the entity’s philosophy. Regulatory training programmes have also been particularly important.

During 2019, various training sessions were launched in areas such as commercial advice on financial products; best practices in risk management or knowledge of new regulatory requirements, such as the cycle aimed at training new groups of professionals in the certification of financial advice required by MIFID II and the recertification process of this directive.

Bankia personas formación

More than 1.3 million training hours

Bankia professionals receive training in digital skills, product advice and marketing, risk management and regulatory changes and updates.

According to the promotion of digital transformation, the bank has the Individual Digital Training Plan, aimed at all Bankia professionals. This project seeks to respond to the new digital needs that are required in the labour development of each area, whether they belong to the commercial network (complemented with the ‘How to be a digital salesperson’ training) or to the central services, with the ‘Digital Talent Programme’, aimed at increasing knowledge in digital matters with a practical application in the financial sector approach.

On the other hand, there has been a great promotion of cultural transformation, conducting the Management Style conferences in which more than 890 managers have participated. In these sessions, for the first time at the bank, all the managers of the same group coexist in training, with the purpose of jointly reflecting on the evolution of culture and on how the management of the teams is defined.

Training has also been offered to professionals working in central services to strengthen their technical skills, as well as the Excellence Scholarships programme to support high-level specialised training.

Training, in numbers

  2019 2018
Number of professionals who have received training 15,577 15,173
Number of training initiatives carried out 1,135 1,092
Number of training hours provided 1,382,619 1,024,411
Number of e-learning training hours provided 1,058,165 639,357
Number of face-to-face training hours provided 324,454 385,054
Percent of online training over total training hours 77% 62%
Number of training hours per professional 86.2 67.5
Number of training hours provided to men 607,725 422,530
Number of training hours provided to women 774,894 601,881
Number of training hours provided to managers 5,773 10,653
Number of training hours provided to middle management 383,708 265,890
Number of training hours provided to remaining employees 993,138 747,868
N.B.: The breakdown of training hours by category is carried out according to functional criteria, since the classification by levels established in the 2015-2018 Collective Agreement of Savings Banks and Financial Institutions, which applies to persons working for Bankia, S.A. is not applied to the Bankia Group.

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