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To protect professionals and customers in their daily activities, Bankia has developed a cybersecurity plan to prevent cyberattack attempts arising from the situation generated by COVID-19.

Given the situation generated by COVID-19, there has been an increase in the number of cyberattack attempts, with special focus on fraudulent emails (phishing), sms (smishing) and telephone calls (vishing) to obtain credentials, personal information, etc.

At Bankia, customers are at the centre of the strategy. For this reason, the bank has analysed the new situation and has developed and promoted different measures to ensure ongoing cybersecurity.

To combat the fraud and threats to which customers are exposed in the current context, the bank has strengthened protection, detection and defence mechanisms, improving anti-fraud rules in operations and thresholds in protection and defence tools. In this way, it continues to guarantee the security of customers by maintaining the operation of the channels.

The entity has reinforced awareness and communication efforts through the different channels available, such as the Bankia app, e-mail and online banking, in which activity has increased according to the detected cases and changing needs.

Thus, Bankia contributes to strengthening its customers’ knowledge regarding cybersecurity and preventing them from being victims of cybercrime, knowing how to act in the event of suffering an attack.

The bank has also adopted a series of measures and provided guidelines so that its professionals can safely work from home. In this case, the focus has been placed on analysing the different scenarios and the cyber risks that have arisen from this new situation.

For this reason, an ambitious plan has been developed from different cybersecurity perspectives that allows employees to carry out their daily activity without prejudice to the operations, without neglecting cybersecurity aspects.

This plan includes technical reviews of cybersecurity, awareness raising, reinforcement of technical support and surveillance services and deployment of new technological measures.



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