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Frequently asked questions

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Check the summary of main issues that arise regarding the crisis caused by coronavirus. If you have any further questions, you can ask them through Bankia Responde (spanish version).

What measures is Bankia taking to help its customers?

Bankia is very clear about its responsibility towards customer service and the key role it plays in society.

  • For this reason, the entity has adapted its processes and systems to the requirements of the Royal Decrees so that customers can benefit from the measures put in place by the Government, such as the guarantee lines of the Official Credit Institute (ICO) or the mortgage moratorium.
  • At the same time, additional solutions are offered for both individuals and for self-employed workers, SMEs and companies that will help mitigate the impact of the crisis generated by COVID-19.
  • The collection of fees has also been made more flexible for those who have their salary paid directly into their account and are affected by the current situation.
  • And customers have received advance payment of both the Social Security pension and the unemployment benefit of the State Public Employment Service (SEPE).

You can consult the measures made available to customers at Bankia.es

Is Bankia ready to support individuals and companies in the COVID-19 crisis?

Bankia's high level of solvency, with a fully loaded CET 1 capital of in excess of 13% at the end of 2019, allows it to plan ahead of an uncertain environment.

This is the best way to have financial strength to help and finance the Spanish economy, its companies and families.

Likewise, Bankia has a healthy and provisioned balance sheet with vast commercial capacity

How will the current situation affect the bank's business?

The work carried out in recent years in Bankia enables us to be in a solid position to face the challenges that lie ahead.

The bank has well-defined strategic ideas, solid financial statements, a significant commercial muscle, a good management scheme and committed professionals.

What impact will the COVID-19 crisis have in the coming months?

It is difficult to predict the extent and duration of the crisis caused by the evolution of the coronavirus in Spain. This crisis has nothing to do with that of the last decade and the authorities, both Spanish and European, have reacted faster and better. Today, the financial sector is not the problem, but will be part of the solution.

Why are Bankia branches still open?

The activity of financial institutions has been considered an essential service in the royal decree-laws approved by the Government. For this reason, some of Bankia's branches remain open, although it is recommended not to visit them, unless strictly necessary, and to operate using the digital channels that have been reinforced.

How is Bankia protecting its employees?

A large part of the workforce is working from home: more than 95% in central services and more than 50% in the branch network.

In addition, and in order to facilitate family life conciliation, bank professionals have been offered various alternatives based on their personal situation.

The cleaning and disinfecting services at the bank's branches and other facilities have been stepped up. And the branches are being fitted with partitions, and have been provided with disinfecting gels and masks.

I am a Bankia customer, where can I apply for a mortgage and consumer loan moratorium?

Consult the information about the conditions for accessing the mortgage moratorium (spanish version).

How do I know if I am eligible for the mortgage moratorium?

Bankia has enabled an online simulator for customers affected by the Covid-19 crisis to know if they can apply for the mortgage or consumer loan moratorium.

What procedures do I have to complete to receive an ICO loan?

Consult the information on the procedures for receiving an ICO loan (spanish version).

I have a social housing rental with Bankia. Can I benefit from any aid?

Bankia has launched a moratorium on the payment of rent for families who rent properties belonging to the financial institution and whose situation has worsened due to the impact of COVID-19. To apply, you must complete this form.



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