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Through its Social Action, Bankia is channelling all solidarity initiatives that can help alleviate the social emergency situation arising from the COVID-19 health crisis.

  • As a starting point, the bank has donated 50,000 euros to Cáritas and the Red Cross, 25,000 euros to each one, to support their actions throughout Spain aimed at helping people without resources. It also provides visibility to numerous social entities regarding the accounts they hold open for micro-donations.

  • The bank has a small aid fund for NGOs, residences for people with disabilities and the elderly and other centres with needs to which it donates money for specific emergencies, especially for isolation materials.

  • Bankia has opened on its Intranet a volunteering exchange in which proposals addressed to its professionals are published. In addition, it also maintains the online ‘Teach what you know’ volunteer programme, in which the entity's voluntary professionals participate in remote workshops to improve the training in economics and finance of people at risk of exclusion.

  • The bank is also putting in contact and managing the collaboration between customers who offer their help services and NGOs that require these, and is making known among its professionals the solidarity initiatives carried out by the entities it supports, such as Aldeas Infantiles, Banco de Alimentos or Ayuda en acción.

  • Bankia, in application of Royal Decree Law 11/2020, has launched the request for a moratorium of rent for families who rent properties belonging to Bankia and whose situation has worsened due to the impact of COVID-19.

  • Likewise, Bankia will reinforce and allocate more resources to its employment programmes, including Networked Employment, which seeks employment for customers of the entity in collaboration with Randstad and the Randstad Foundation. At the same time, the Red Cross employment programme for over-45s, young people with requalification needs and women victims of gender-based violence, and the Cáritas employment programme for people at risk of exclusion continue to operate.


    The bank has advanced half a million euros in aid to a total of 250 NGOs from all the autonomous communities through the 'Red Solidaria' program, a project that recognizes the fulfillment of business objectives by professionals from Bankia, transforming them into aid for social projects selected by themselves.

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