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Social commitment

At an event on International Women’s Day

Bankia adheres to the principles of the EJE&CON Code of Good Practices

The conference 'Talent management: key aspect in the IV Industrial Revolution' has analyzed leadership models, diversity in managerial positions, inequality in executive positions and the impact of motherhood.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
07 March 2019 - 14:30

  • The Code promotes specific measures that allow organisations to improve their competitiveness and their results, bringing out 'genderless talent' and facilitating access for women to senior management positions, management committees and boards of directors
  • The Spanish Association of Executives and Counsellors, in collaboration with the máshumano Foundation, has announced the latest companies that have undertaken the Code of Good Practices for Talent Management and Improving the Competitiveness of Companies.
  • The round table 'Talent Management: a Key Aspect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution' analysed the models of leadership, diversity in managerial positions, inequality in executive positions and the impact of motherhood

Bankia has adhered to the Code of Good Practices for Talent Management and Improvement of the Competitiveness of Companies of the Spanish Association of Executives and Directors, in collaboration with the máshumano Foundation.

At a ceremony held on Thursday at Bankia’s headquarters in Madrid on the occasion of International Women's Day, the Spanish Association of Executive Officers and Board Members has announced the latest organizations committed to diversity that endorse the principles of the EJE&CON Code of Good Practices, which 50 companies have already undertaken.

The Code, which was presented last May, was created with the aim of facilitating Spanish organisations to take concrete measures to improve their competitiveness and results, highlighting 'genderless talent' and facilitating access by women to senior management, management committees and boards of directors under equal conditions and similar proportions as men.

Bankia’s People and Culture Deputy General Director, David López, stressed that "we are possibly in the best social moment to give a relevant boost to gender diversity in companies based on the conviction that progress, competitiveness and the sustainability of companies is linked to the advancement of all their human capital, women and men”.

In this regard, López stressed that "the willingness of companies to develop specific plans must make a difference".

The coordinator of the Code, author and vice chairwoman of EJE&CON, Paloma del Val, pointed out that "the code does not seek to change the language, it seeks to give an inclusive meaning to the words we use, so that senior management is an accessible and comfortable place for female executives". "In order to achieve real progress, it is necessary for Spanish business leaders to lead this cause", she pointed out.

During the ceremony, the president of EJE&CON, Nerea Torres, said that "it is encouraging to see how many different areas are striving to achieve management bodies that reflect the logical and necessary balance between genders, for the good of the business. and for the good of society”.

For her part, María Sánchez-Arjona, president of the máshumano Foundation, an institution that works to strengthen and implement balance between family, personal and work life and has collaborated on the preparation of the Code, assured that "it is necessary for organisations have a code of good practices to analyse and identify the road map that, in an equal opportunity culture, will allow men and women to reach positions of high responsibility in a balanced manner”.

Talent management: key aspect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

During the event, a round table was held, entitled 'Talent management: a key aspect of the Fourth Industrial Revolution', on the current situation of working women in Spain and the management of talent in companies.

Bankia’s Executive and People Management director, Gemma Medrano; the manager of Diversity and Healthy Business at Red Eléctrica Española, Resurrección Barrio; Everis Global’s Head of People, Flora García de Mesa; and the director of People and Well-being of Enagás, Susana Toril took part in the discussion. The table was moderated by Beatriz von Munthe, co-author of the Code and member of the Good Governance Committee of EJE&CON.

For her part, Gemma Medrano stressed that "companies need diversity in general to respond to the new environment of constant changes. Some characteristics, such as emotional and social intelligence and empathy, tend to be more developed in women and are necessary to respond to this new reality".

"But the biggest challenge for companies is inclusion or, in other words, how we generate an internal ecosystem in which the contribution of each person can be valuable, both women and men", stressed Medrano, and added that "it is important to have leaders who understand what diversity is and have the skills to work with different people”.

AJE&CON has delivered sixteen Committed Company Badges

The day ended with the award of the Committed Company Badges to sixteen pioneering organizations that have applied to adhere to the EJE&CON Code, thereby undertaking its Principles and Recommendations.

These companies are, in addition to Bankia, Airbus, Autogrill Iberia, Caternon, CLH, Enagas, Everis, Grupo GSS, HC Clover PS, Ifema, Mediapost Spain, Metlife, Norgine, Organization Mentoring Network of Spain, Reale Seguros and Red Eléctrica.

With these new additions, there are forty-seven companies that are committed to the principles of the EJE&CON Code.


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