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Social commitment

Resolution of the ‘Call for proposals for social action 2018’

Bankia and Fundació Iluro provide 30,000 euros in support to 11 social projects in the Maresme region

Bankia and Fundació Iluro will provide 30,000 euros in support to a total of 11 social projects with local impact in the Maresme region, which were selected in the ‘Call for Proposals for Social Action 2018’ launched by both entities.

Bankia Comunicación

By Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
04 June 2018 - 11:30

  • The purpose is to promote social actions that improve employability and quality of life for dependent persons and persons at risk of exclusion.
  • A total of 17 associations from the region have submitted their programmes to the this year’s call for proposals
  • The programmes selected will receive the economic support at a ceremony that will be held this coming June 13, at the Ateneu of Fundació Iluro

Bankia and Fundació Iluro will provide 30,000 euros in support to a total of 11 social projects with local impact in the Maresme region, which were selected in the ‘Call for Proposals for Social Action 2018’ launched by both entities.

The call for proposals, which is part of an annual agreement concluded for one additional year by Bankia and Fundació Iluro, has as its purpose to promote programmes for fostering employment, accommodation and support for dependent persons, rehabilitation and social reintegration, as well as guidance, occupational training and support for families and attention to basic needs of food, hygiene, education and health.

In selecting the projects and in their assessment, from among the 17 projects submitted, their social usefulness was evaluated together with quality and technical capacity for development, their economic efficiency, the promotion of social integration and normalization, the identification and number of beneficiaries, the specialization and experience of the associations, together with their coordination with other social agents, and the innovation and timeliness of the actions.

The list of projects that will receive this aid is as follows:

  • Associació de Familiars de Malalts d'Alzheimer del Maresme (AFAM).
  • Associació TEA – Asperger del Maresme.
  • Associació Veïns Rocafonda, l’Esperança i Ciutat Jardí.
  • Càrites Interparroquial de Mataró.
  • Fundació Àmbit Prevenció.
  • Fundació Carta de la Pau dirigida a l’ONU.
  • Fundació Friends.
  • Fundació Junts Autisme.
  • Fundació Maresme.
  • Fundació Salut Mental Catalunya.
  • Fundació Sant Joaquim.

The aid will be awarded to the entities at a ceremony that will be held this coming Wednesday June 13 in the Ateneu of Fundació Iluro, which will be attended by representatives of the selected projects.


Bankia consolidates and reinforces its commitment to society through five lines of social action which are: housing/new poverty, education, employment, local/rural development and disabled persons. The entity will focus its social investment in these high-priority lines as a contribution to alleviating some of the most urgent needs in the current socio-economic context. The corporate social responsibility policy has thus been characterized by relating the bank’s social activity with its business, wherever its own employees detect socio-economic problems.

The two fundamental identifying marks in Bankia’s social action are the involvement of all structures of the entity and of its entire staff to commit to the social projects supported, and the proximity that it seeks in each of the social projects.

Fundació Iluro

Fundació Iluro is a recently established foundation with social and cultural vocation, very deeply rooted in the city of Mataró. Established in 2013, the Board is made up of the city’s different cultural entities, and also by professionals of recognized reputation nominated by the rest of the trustees. In the social arena, the projects of Fundació Iluro are divided into three general areas: the inclusion in employment, in society and in culture of special groups with the common purpose of improving the life of persons with special abilities and transmitting the values of the foundation.

In the cultural arena, it manages the Public Library of Mataró, where seven projects of cultural volunteer work are being conducted; Casa Coll i Regàs, a modernist house designed by the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch; the exhibition centre Ateneu, which houses exhibitions of different artistic disciplines of own and outside production; and the Iluro Award, which has already been bestowed 60 times to monographs treating local and regional history.


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