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At the fair that runs from tomorrow until 19 May

Bankia and the CajaGranada Foundation collaborate with the Science Area of the Granada Book Fair

Both entities contribute to the scientific dissemination of a project organized by the CSIC just as the 80th anniversary of the history of the Higher Council for Scientific Research is commemorated.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
09 May 2019 - 12:30

  • Both entities sponsor the space dedicated to science at the Book Fair to host conferences, workshops and book presentations

Bankia and the CajaGranada Foundation are collaborating on the Granada Book Fair, which is being held from tomorrow until 19 May, through sponsorship of the activities that will take place in the Science Area of the Book Fair, a space that hosts conferences, workshops and book presentations.

The Science Area is a project arranged by two CSIC centres in Granada, the Institute of Astrophysics of Andalusia (IAA) and the Zaidín Experimental Station (EEZ), as well as the CSIC Deputy Vice Presidency for Scientific Culture CSIC and the Book Fair of Granada itself.

This space makes it possible to bring science to people who are not necessarily scientists and to integrate science into an event that encompasses the entire city. Science has become another activity within the fair and, in fact, the Book Fair already calls itself "a celebration of books and knowledge".

The programming of the Science Area revolves around a specific theme during each edition of the Granada Book Fair. In 2019 the chosen theme is 'The Periodic Table', as a tribute to its 150 years of life. This theme has allowed us to define a cross-cutting and multidisciplinary program.

Thus, using the elements of the periodic table and combining research and literature, chemistry and art, we will talk about nutrition, psychiatry, environmental pollution or biology, we will talk about exoplanets and the origin of the universe and showcase the cutting-edge science that is carried out in Granada. All this will be done through talks, workshops, audiovisual elements, etc.

Moreover, 2019 is the 80th anniversary of the Spanish National Research Council. The Science Area at the Book Fair will be used to advertise the most important scientific institution in our country, and its initiatives for spreading and disseminating science, especially its collection of popular books, 'What do we know about?'.

Over the next few days, the Science Area of the Book Fair will include science experts and speakers such as Adela Muñoz, Josefa Masegosa, Ana Ramírez, Nuria Campillo, Esther Bazán, Javier Praena, María Ángeles Marín, Marisa Pérez, Blanca Gutiérrez, Jorge Gervilla, Germán Tortosa, Miguel Ángel Matilla, David Martín, Enrique Pérez, Sergio Navas, José Luis Gómez, Daniel Guirado, Hugo Carretero, Ramón Nogueras, Rocío Pérez, Giselle Libertad and Susana Escudero.

For Bankia and the CajaGranada Foundation, collaboration with the Science Area of the Book Fair is another step in its commitment to spreading knowledge of liberal arts and sciences, disciplines that increasingly go hand in hand thanks to experiences such as this one, the Jaén Literary Awards, the Francisco Ayala Digital Narrative Award and the Gravite Festival; similarly sponsored by Bankia and the CajaGranada Foundation.


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