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(From left to right): the CEO of CajaGranada Fundación, Fernando Bueno; the chairman of CajaGranada Fundación, María Elena Martín-Vivaldi; the Dean of the UGR, Pilar Aranda Ramírez; the Communication and External Relations coordinator of Bankia in An

Social commitment

Signature of a collaboration agreement

Bankia, CajaGranada Fundación and Universidad de Granada sponsor activities to foster university entrepreneurship

The ‘Ideas Factory of UGR’ project seeks not only to promote the entrepreneurship of young university students but also to boost their personal and work development.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
03 October 2019 - 10:15

  • The purpose of the agreement is to support the initiatives 'Ideas Factory by UGR' and the 'III UGR Entrepreneurship Ideas Competition', developed by Universidad de Granada

Bankia, CajaGranada Fundación and Universidad de Granada have signed a collaboration agreement whereby the bank and the Foundation will support entrepreneurial development activities at Universidad de Granada. The agreement includes the launch of two activities carried out by UGR Entrepreneurship (Universidad de Granada Emprendedora): 'Ideas Factory by UGR' and the 'III UGR Entrepreneurship Ideas Competition'.

Both activities seek to foster entrepreneurship among young university students and boost their personal and professional growth because, through them, they also have the opportunity to focus on innovative products or ideas that are likely to be a business initiative and start their professional careers.

At the signing of the agreement, held at the headquarters of CajaGranada Fundación, the chairman of the CajaGranada Fundación, María Elena Martín-Vivaldi; the Dean of the UGR, Pilar Aranda Ramírez; the managing director of CajaGranada Fundación, Fernando Bueno; the coordinator of Communication and External Relations of Bankia Andalucía, José Antonio González, and the deputy director of Entrepreneurship at the UGR, Javier Melero.

During the signing of the agreement, María Elena Martín-Vivaldi expressed her satisfaction with the signing of an agreement of this kind, as this collaboration "is one of those that have a multiplier effect, as it facilitates the generation of business ideas and future businesses that provide value to our environment based on successful initiatives".

José Antonio González highlighted the "work that UGR Entrepreneurship has been doing in recent years to sponsor, promote and develop entrepreneurial initiatives in all sectors of the university community" and has communicated to the dean his "full satisfaction as sponsors of these two activities, which last year attracted participants who surprised everyone with the quality and maturity of their projects, as they were not just ideas, but many of them were market-ready". 

Pilar Aranda thanked both Bankia and CajaGranada Fundación for their commitment to promoting entrepreneurial initiatives at the Universidad de Granada, noting that "in the ARQUS European project, led by the Universidad de Granada, one of its main strategic lines is to turn participants into entrepreneurs and, of course, our university into an Entrepreneurial University", and this involves "not only students, but also faculty, researchers and administrative and service personnel".

Javier Melero underlined the excitement generated by both events in the university community, both 'Ideas Factory by UGR' -aimed mainly at students- and the 'III UGR Entrepreneurship Ideas Contest', which is a competition open to the whole university: students, PDI and PAS. "Between the two actions, over a hundred business ideas were developed last year, and we expect to see a notable increase in the number of participants this year", he added.

'Ideas Factory by UGR'

'Ideas Factory by UGR' is held at Universidad de Granada on 18, 19 and 20 October at BREAKER, the Entrepreneurship Centre of UGR.

This activity is expected to receive more than 100 business ideas, of which a maximum of 12 will be selected by the participants themselves, which will be finalised in the ideas hackathon, which will end on Saturday, 20 October.

During 'Ideas Factory by UGR 2019', participants will work on these 12 promising ideas in teams of five to six people, receive comprehensive and diverse training to carry out a first analysis of their entrepreneurial idea, and they will be advised by mentors and will present their business plan before a jury made up of experts from the university and the business world.

'III UGR Entrepreneurship Ideas Competition'

The 'III UGR Entrepreneurship Ideas Competition' is a competition in which all members of the university community (students, PDI and PAS) who have an idea for an innovative product or service that could be the seed of a business initiative are invited to participate. This idea could have been conceived by the participants as a result of their own initiative at 'Ideas Factory by UGR', 'UGR Entrepreneur Talent', or in any other research or entrepreneurial context.


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