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Social commitment

Bankia, committed to responsible pet ownership

The entity allows trained dogs inside its offices and promotes activities for owners and pets.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
19 July 2019 - 09:00

Pet animals are present in 20 million homes in Spain, especially dogs, which have become an important part of households and are present in 40% of homes.

According to a study by The American Pet Products Association, millennials and Generation Z are leading a lifestyle in which their love towards pets is greater than in previous generations.

Hence, awareness of responsible animal ownership is also increasing: Nearly 80% of all pets have been adopted and 37% of owners collaborate with an animal shelter.

Knowing the strong bond that is established between owners and pets, Bankia decided to allow the entrance of trained dogs to its offices, becoming the first 'dog friendly' bank in Spain. As a continuation of this policy, the financial institution promotes activities that can be enjoyed by dogs and owners alike, defends responsible animal ownership and markets products linked to the cause.

Bankia dog friendly oficinas

"We want to collaborate in the awareness of responsible pet ownership and the integration of pets in family and social life", said the corporate director of the Bankia Retail Network, José Ignacio Fanego.

This policy allows clients like Maria to go to her office every month accompanied by her dog. "I love being able to go do some errands and go into the office with my dog. At first he was a bit spooked, but now he feels at home, wagging his tail and waiting for his turn”, she explained.

Travel dogs and dog runs

In this journey, Bankia has had a special friend: Pipper, the traveller and influencer dog that has toured pet-friendly locations in Spain. This dog has already gone to Cáceres, Málaga, Tenerife and Logroño, among other cities. In each of his visits, Pipper has shown hotels, restaurants and activities that you can visit with your pet.

"Vacations can never be an excuse to leave our pets alone”, says Pablo Muñoz, the owner of Pipper. "There are thousands of plans we can make with them, such as visiting castles, palaces, hotels and beaches".

And with more than 22,000 kilometres in its paws and more than 50 destinations visited, Pipper also aims to raise awareness about the need to integrate pets in public spaces.

Bankia also supports tourism with pets through TravelGuau , the website that helps arrange a pet friendly trip. TravelGuau is the reference search engine for pet-friendly establishments, spaces, services and destinations.

Along with these initiatives, the entity promotes sports activities in which owners can share moments with their four-legged friends . Particularly noteworthy are the 'Perrotón' or 'Can We Run' races in which adoption and responsible pet ownership are promoted.

In 2018 more than 16,500 dogs participated in the Perrotón with their respective owners. There were many familiar faces in the meeting, which was promoted on social networks under the hashtag #CorreContraElAbandono.

At the end of the race, Bankia awarded the 'Bankia Award to the Friendliest Dog and Owner' to Nana and her owners Cristina and Ángel David.

Bankia dog friendly

The bank also presented the 'Bankia Award to the Friendliest Family' at the 'Can We Run' race held in Alicante and participated in the 'Dog Day' of Las Rozas, a fair to support responsible pet ownership.

Because "Bankia wants to connect with an important part of the public, showing sensitivity to the issues that matter to them”, according to Silvia Bajo, corporate director of the Bankia Brand.

Giving back all the love our pets give us is the best way to acknowledge them as a member of the family.


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