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Rocío Eguiraun, director of Bankia AM, at the 11th National Meeting on Collective Investment

"Bankia will continue to strengthen its discretionary portfolio management"

The director of Bankia Asset Management analyzes the first year of operation of this corporate management and highlights the effort of the entity so that the client makes the best investments for their interests.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
08 October 2019 - 13:00

"Bankia will continue to strengthen its discretionary portfolio management". This is what Rocío Eguiraun, director of Bankia AM, announced at the XI National Meeting on Collective Investment held today in Madrid, held by the APD in collaboration with Inverco.

According to Eguiraun, in a complex market environment, such as the current one, "the portfolio management service means that customers do not have to choose products and markets; this should be done by the manager".

In its first year of operation, this portfolio management service "has had a great start in Bankia". Moreover, "it has allowed us to obtain very good returns".

Eguiraun celebrated the fact that "this year is still going strong from a market and profitability perspective". In any case, in an environment with the current rates, "the future challenge for the collective investment industry is how to respond to customers’ demands to make savings profitable".

In this regard, she stressed that "we must let customers know that, in order to obtain reasonable returns, risks must be taken".

We are very involved at Bankia in socially responsible investments, because we think it is positive for society.

Rocío Eguiraun
Director of Bankia Asset Management

Therefore, "we must adapt our global investment strategy to a more global environment seek profitability wherever it can be found: fixed income, variable income, alternative management, etc". This strategy will allow managers to "show the customer the management talent of the bank and the discipline required to achieve a certain level of profitability with the current interest rates".

Eguiraun stated that "Bankia is also making a huge effort in terms of tools so that customers can correctly plan their investments". Tools that show them, for instance, that even conservative investors can assume certain levels of risk if their time horizon is long-term.

Regarding socially responsible investment, Eguiraun acknowledged that "in Spain we have not yet reached the level of other countries around us". But she emphasised that this type of investment is "a growing trend", since many factors are boosting it: regulations, supervisors and governments are encouraging socially responsible investment.

In any event, in the end, "the important thing regarding socially responsible investment is our conviction that we are doing something good". And "at Bankia we are strongly committed to this issue, we think that this type of investment is good for society, for managers and for our investments, which is why we are very focused on this".


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