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Social commitment

Within the framework of the collaboration of both entities since 2014

Bankia supports Cruz Roja employability programmes with 400,000 euros during the Covid-19 crisis

"The Cruz Roja represents all the values ​​of Bankia's social footprint: proximity, direct commitment, sense of urgency and involvement of all, and contribution to employability", in statements by Bankia's director of Responsible Management.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
12 May 2020 - 11:15

  • The bank supports the programmes 'Re-qualification for people affected by the crisis', '+45 Challenge' and 'Initiatives to improve employability for women victims of gender-based violence' in 28 provinces
  • A total of 15,000 people have participated in these initiatives during the six previous editions through group guidance sessions and individual advice, academic training and internships at partner companies, with a hiring rate of 42%
  • Bankia has supported the Cruz Roja with 4.7 million euros in employment programmes that have been carried out throughout the entire country since 2014

Bankia supports Cruz Roja social programs with 400,000 euros in 2020, focusing in particular on one of Bankia's main social action strategy: the employability of particularly vulnerable people under the difficult conditions caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

This year, the bank supports the programmes 'Re-qualification for people affected by the crisis', '+45 Challenge' and 'Initiatives to improve employability for women victims of gender-based violence' in 28 provinces and the autonomous city of Ceuta.

Bankia has supported the Cruz Roja in the last seven years with a total of 4.7 million euros and its collaboration since 2014 has allowed the launch of employment programmes that have benefited over 15,000 people, of which 6,350 have been hired, which means a hiring rate of 42%.

The director of Responsible Management at Bankia, David Menéndez, highlighted the importance of the commitment that we undertake, once again and in these difficult times, with the Cruz Roja. "For us, the Cruz Roja is a synonym for social commitment and we value its great experience, its deep reach throughout Spain and how close it is to the urgent problems that society is facing in all corners of our country and, also, internationally”.

"It represents all the values of Bankia's social footprint: proximity, direct commitment, a sense of urgency and involvement of all actors. Contributing to employability is essential today to try to ensure that the impact of the coronavirus crisis is as little as possible", Menéndez stressed.

On the other hand, the general secretary of the Cruz Roja, Leopoldo Pérez, highlighted that "the work carried out by the Cruz Roja with people does not only seek to alleviate specific situations in the short term, but also to provide real and practical support with programmes tailored to the most in-demand profiles in the market".

"Collaboration between Bankia and the Cruz Roja is an important contribution to improving the employability of particularly vulnerable people". "Together, we have been committed to working on programmes to support unemployed people over the age of 45 with significant family responsibilities, women victims of gender-based violence and people to whom the crisis has affected more strongly", Pérez remarked.

Employability programmes

The aim of the programme 'Re-qualification for people affected by the crisis' is to teach cross-cutting skills and specific techniques required for certain professions or trades through theoretical-practical training with courses of about 200 hours on average and internships in companies for participants in Altea (Alicante), Ávila, Ceuta, Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real), Guadalajara, Madrid, Segovia, Tenerife, Valencia and Zamora.

The '+45 Challenge' aims to bring job opportunities to people who suffer discrimination based on age in the job market, to reactivate people’s individual and collaborative decision-making processes to look for a job and teach new technical-professional skills . It will take place in the provinces of Álava, Albacete, Alicante, Almería, Baleares, Burgos, Castellón, Ciudad Real, Granada, Jaén, Las Palmas, León, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, Navarra, Salamanca, Sevilla, Tenerife, Toledo, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.

The 'Initiatives to improve employability for women victims of gender-based violence' programme will improve employability through job placement itineraries for this group and specific measures aimed at their empowerment, reducing the digital gender gap in the provinces of Valencia, Madrid, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Castellón and Badajoz.


Bankia consolidates and reinforces its commitment to society through five priority lines of social action: employment and training, housing, local and rural development, disability and the environment. The financial institution focuses its social investment on these areas and maintains its commitment to society through the involvement of its entire structure and professionals. The Responsible Management policy is all-encompassing and approachable, as it aligns the bank's social actions with its goals. Thus, Bankia makes a priority contribution to five of the 17 SDGs: Action for Climate (SDG 13), Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8), Quality Education (SDG 4), Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDG 11) and SDG 17, and Partnerships to Achieve the Objectives, which is related to all the above.

Cruz Roja

The Cruz Roja represents the largest humanitarian, citizen and independent movement across the world that has been collaborating with public and private entities for 155 years so that humanity and dignity can reach all people, anywhere, at all times and in all circumstances. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, the Cruz Roja has been active in all affected countries across the world, representing the greatest mobilisation of resources, capabilities and people in its history in favour of the most vulnerable people, the general public. In Spain, the Cruz Roja has more than 250,000 volunteers and more than 1,400 service points throughout the country, which provide annual service to more than 4 million people nationwide, of which more than 1.7 million are supported through social programmes. With the support of 1,360,000 members, companies and allies.


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