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Social commitment

Bankia enters the Bloomberg's 2020 Gender Equality Index

The entity promotes and promotes internally a business culture that promotes equality and the integration of women in positions of responsibility.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
27 January 2020 - 11:30

Bankia is now part of the Bloomberg's 2020 Gender Equality Index (GEI), which has positively valued the equality policies that the entity has implemented in recent years and has placed it among the reference banks worldwide.

"The inclusion in this index means that Bankia is recognised for our firm commitment to equality and diversity. A commitment based on the belief that, in an uncertain and changeable environment such as this one, a company can only be transformed by taking advantage of all the talent and potential of its employees", said the Deputy Director of People and Culture at Bankia, David López Puig.

Bloomberg has been creating this index since 2016 after detecting that investors are increasingly taking into account the equality policies of companies when making their investment decisions and the Bloomberg's Gender Equality Index (GEI) has become a global benchmark in assessing the commitment of companies to gender equality and diversity.

For this index, Bloomberg analyses a total of 75 parameters that reflect the situation of companies regarding equality, encompassed in five broad areas:

  • Female leadership and talent promotion
  • Wage equality
  • Inclusive culture
  • Anti-harassment policies
  • Campaigns to support women.

The 2020 list includes 325 companies from 42 different countries in eleven different industries. These companies combined have a market capital of over 12 trillion dollars.

Bankia, committed to diversity

Bankia's inclusion in this Gender Equality Index is a recognition of the company's commitment to the development of women and diversity, one of the results of the strategy that the company has been carrying out since 2018 within the 2019-2020 Responsible Management Plan.

"This recognition helps us to consolidate ourselves as a company that seeks to be excellent in the management of people, who are true protagonists of its achievements and the key to being the preferred bank for our society", said the Director of Executives and People of Bankia, Gemma Medrano.

To achieve this goal, in October 2018, the Bankia Steering Committee approved the Gender Diversity Plan, which includes objectives and actions based on best practices and recommendations for the development of gender diversity, taking into account the main existing barriers to the promotion of women in organizations.

The Bankia Gender Diversity Plan includes four areas of action:

  • Managing and developing gender diversity as a strategic factor.
  • Train and raise awareness among managers and employees about the importance of managing diversity, working on behaviours that stay away from prejudice and unconscious biases.
  • Identify and develop talented women (Acelera Plan), involving managers as mentors and sponsors.
  • Define monitoring indicators to analyse growth and establish new measures.

In addition, in July 2016, the Bankia Equality Plan was signed, which sets specific objectives and measures to promote the effective application of equality between women and men, ensure that people management systems guarantee equality and strengthen knowledge Organizational measures available for reconciling work with family and personal life, with the aim that employees make use of them regardless of their gender.

Moreover, Bankia is adhered to the Diversity Charter, promoted by the Diversidad Foundation (Alares), which sets out a series of fundamental principles on equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.

"At Bankia we consider diversity a competitive advantage and, therefore, it is part of our strategic plan with defined objectives and an action plan that is well defined and shared by all", concluded López Puig.


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