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Corporate information

From the independent firm Applus+ Certification

Bankia, the first financial institution to obtain Covid-19 secure protocol certification

The financial institution, among other measures, has implemented a series of prevention measures in the branches: maximum capacity, new signage, partitions and gels for clients and professionals.


Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
30 June 2020 - 11:30

  • To obtain this certificate, the bank has worked with Quirón Prevención on the review of protocols for action against Covid-19 and on verification of the implementation of measures
  • Measures and protocols have been audited at both the corporate headquarters and in the branch network
  • At the end of February, Bankia set up a Monitoring Committee on the Evolution of Coronavirus Infection, which gave way to a De-escalation Committee that meets regularly and comprises managers from different departments of the bank.

Bankia is the first financial institution in Spain to obtain Covid-19 secure protocol certification from Applus+ Certification, an independent certification firm, with advice from Chiron Prevención.

In recent months, since the health alert began due to the evolution of the coronavirus in Spain, Bankia has implemented numerous organisational, physical and preventive measures for all its professionals.

To obtain this certificate, Bankia has worked with Quirón Prevención on the review of action protocols against Covid-19 and on the verification of the implementation of measures and compliance with the protocols, both at corporate headquarters and in the branch network.

Sello certificación protocolo seguro Covid-19

For its part, Applus+ Certification has audited documentation and protocols, as well as holding exhaustive interviews to expand the information collected.

In addition, technicians have analysed and audited in situ the protocols and measures implemented at Torre Bankia and at the technology headquarters that the bank has in Las Rozas, as well as branches in Madrid, Valencia, Alicante and Palma de Mallorca.

Monitoring and De-escalation Committee

At the end of February, Bankia set up a Monitoring Committee on the Evolution of COVID-19 Coronavirus Infection and, later, a De-escalation Committee, which meets regularly and comprises managers from different departments of the bank.

The bank has promoted a series of measures designed to protect the health of the entity’s more than 16,000 professionals and, in parallel, ensure the proper functioning of all services.

During the entire health crisis, Bankia has continuously monitored the health status of the bank's team. Recently, it has deployed a responsive web application, 'Salud Bankia', to facilitate monitoring of the health of its professionals.

This application incorporates a functionality for managing access to corporate buildings by reading QR codes on access to floors and rooms, both for controlling capacity, as well as to easily and quickly identify which people have been in contact with others that have reported symptoms to quickly and effectively apply the appropriate preventive measures.

In central services, where more than 90% of the bank's professionals worked from home during the lockdown period, an orderly, gradual and progressive process of reincorporation has begun.

Regarding the branch network, during the state of alarm, Bankia has kept practically all of its branches open and has promoted the use of digital channels, these both being measures focused on providing the greatest and best services to customers, establishing in all cases rotating shifts for its network staff to protect the health of its professionals.

To encourage working from home, Bankia has invested heavily in extending secure VPN access to the bank's systems and providing laptop computers to a very high volume of its workforce. Thus, more than 80% of the professionals of the financial institution have a Bankia computer and the rest have secure access from their personal computers.

In addition, technology resources have been available to facilitate day-to-day life and interaction between the banks’ professionals via tools such as Microsoft Teams.

Signage and information signs

All centres, both those of central services and the branch network, have signage and information signs with preventive measures, such as the maximum capacity and the recommendation to maintain the safety distance.

As preventive measures in the branches, protective screens, hydro-alcoholic gel for employees and customers, masks and gloves have been distributed, and cleaning and disinfecting has been reinforced.

Along these lines, to meet the current needs and future demand of both the branches and corporate headquarters, the bank has sufficient stock of masks, screens, bottles of hydroalcoholic gel and gloves.

Bankia is following all the recommendations made by the health authorities and is also applying the established action protocol, based on criteria of caution, active surveillance and care for people.


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