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Social commitment

'Call for the Environment'

Bankia and Fundación Bancaja announce aid amounting to 100,000 euros for social action projects

Bankia has a responsible business model that favors sustainable development and contributes to the improvement of the environment and the fight against climate change.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
09 September 2019 - 11:45

  • The aid will go towards projects for the protection of biodiversity, environmental innovation and the promotion of circular economy
  • The call for proposals, open today and until 26 September, is aimed at non-profit organisations in the Comunidad Valenciana

Bankia and Fundación Bancaja have launched the first edition of their call for environmental proposals, which will allocate 100,000 euros to environmental projects in the Comunidad Valenciana. The 'Call for the Environment' is aimed at private non-profit entities, with permanent headquarters or permanent office in the Comunidad Valenciana, which must be at least three years old.

The aid from Bankia and Fundación Bancaja will support initiatives of up to 15,000 euros per project, aimed at protecting biodiversity and fostering circular economy and environmental innovation.

The field of biodiversity includes projects that encourage the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of ecosystems (terrestrial, marine and freshwater). Initiatives to promote circular economy must be aimed at reducing and recycling waste. The field of environmental innovation will cover technological innovation projects applied to procedures, techniques, systems or products that reduce or prevent environmental damage.

The deadline for submitting applications is 26 September. Institutions must submit their projects through the form available on the Bankia and Fundación Bancaja websites. The announcement will be made in November.

Bankia’s Director of Responsible Management, David Menéndez, stated that "this call shows public commitment to society and is proof of the importance of the fight for environmental conservation in our entity." "At Bankia we have a responsible business model that favours sustainable development and contributes to improving the environment and combating climate change, and this is something that the whole team is involved in," he added.

For her part, the manager of Fundación Bancaja, Irene Guasque, highlighted “the importance of this call for proposals in the social action area of the Fundación Bancaja, as it incorporates a fundamental aspect for our society: the protection of the environment. This is not only the natural heritage we have received from previous generations that we must preserve for its cultural value, but we must also contribute to improving it to ensure its sustainability and for future generations to inherit a social and economic model that is respectful to the environment".

This environmental collaboration is complemented by the one that Bankia and Fundación Bancaja carry out each year in the area of social action, with calls for grants to associations in the Comunidad Valenciana that carry out projects related to social exclusion, international cooperation and disability.


Bankia consolidates and reinforces its commitment to society through five priority lines of social action: employment and training, housing, local and rural development, disability and the environment. The financial institution focuses its social investment on these areas and maintains its commitment to society through the involvement of its entire structure and professionals. The Responsible Management policy is all-encompassing and approachable, as it links the social actions of the bank with its goals. Thus, Bankia makes a priority contribution to nine of the 17 SDGs, including decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; action for climate, and affordable, clean energy.

Fundación Bancaja

Fundación Bancaja has Social Action and Culture as its two strategic areas of action. Within the Social Action area, it develops calls for grants to non-profit associations in the Comunidad Valenciana for projects related to social exclusion, international cooperation, disability and the environment. It also holds activities that, from a social perspective, bring culture closer to specific groups such as schoolchildren, the elderly, people with disabilities and people at risk of social exclusion.


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