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Image of the virtual event acknowledging the selected associations.

Social commitment

In the Comunidad de Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha

Bankia and the Fundación Montemadrid hold a virtual event to acknowledge 79 social projects supported with one million euros

The ‘Call for Social Action’, promoted jointly by both entities, has benefited more than 763,000 vulnerable people in its eight editions through 602 projects.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
04 November 2020 - 13:15

  • The event, taking into account health recommendations, has replaced the traditional awarding of grants to the associations selected in the ‘Seventh Call for Social Action’ launched by both entities
  • 56% of projects will be developed in the areas of employment and the fight against poverty, taking into account that people with fewer resources are being doubly affected by the pandemic
  • More than 103,000 people will benefit from the implementation of 66 initiatives in the Comunidad de Madrid and 13 in Castilla-La Mancha

Bankia and the Fundación Montemadrid have staged a virtual event to acknowledge the 79 social projects that were selected in the ‘Seventh Call for Social Action’ launched by both organisations this year in the Comunidad de Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha.

This event, which has been held in accordance with health recommendations as a result of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, has replaced the traditional awarding of grants event that both entities hold every year.

Participating in the virtual meeting were, among others, Bankia’s Deputy General Director of Communication and External Relations, Amalia Blanco; Bankia’s Responsible Management Director, David Menéndez; the General Director of the Fundación Montemadrid, José Guirao; the Deputy General Director of Programmes and Centres of the Fundación Montemadrid, Cristóbal Sánchez Blesa; as well as representatives of the selected associations.

Bankia’s Deputy General Director of Communication and External Relations has highlighted that the selected projects "are more necessary today than ever, because the problems of unemployment, poverty and the risk of exclusion have increased considerably". "For this reason, our recognition is greater today, if possible", she emphasised to thank the Fundación Montemadrid for its "professionalism" and "effort to remain a benchmark in Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha" and the associations that allow us to "walk alongside you, to learn and give additional meaning to our daily work".

For his part, José Guirao recalled "how the organisations have once again proved to be efficient and agile in resolving urgent problems of the most disadvantaged groups, thereby making it only right to recognise their work in social cohesion, support and strengthen them", and he said that "to the extent that we can, from the Fundación Montemadrid, and with our Bankia partners, we will continue to offer them resources and help so that they can intervene in the harshest realities of our society".

A total of 66 programmes from the Comunidad de Madrid were selected, to which 856,500 euros are allocated, plus 13 organisations from Castilla-La Mancha that will receive a total of 143,500 euros to run their social initiatives.

The selected associations will carry out social projects in the fields of employment (28%), the fight against poverty and inequality (28%), promoting autonomy (28%), attention at welfare centres (13%) and volunteering (3%) thus helping to improve the quality of life of groups at risk of social exclusion in both regions.

As a result of the call for proposals, support will be given directly to more than 103,000 people in vulnerable situations. Among the selected projects, 24% of them will benefit people with intellectual disabilities; 18% people with occupational difficulties; 15% people with several disabilities; 13% for senior citizens and people with neurodegenerative diseases and pathologies; 10% children and young people and 10% people with physical and sensory disabilities; and 10% people at social risk, such as women who are victims of domestic violence or homeless people.

The Call for Social Action, promoted jointly by Bankia and Fundación Montemadrid has, in its eight editions, benefited more than 763,000 people in vulnerable situations in the Communities of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha through a total of 602 projects run by private non-profit organisations, which have received 8 million euros.


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