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First anniversary of the fires that hit the island

Bankia helps recover the area affected by the Gran Canaria fires thanks to the ‘Reverdece Gran Canaria’ project

Just one year after the fires that devastated the island, 14 reforestation actions have been registered in which 600 volunteers have participated.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
18 August 2020 - 11:00

  • The bank contributed 100,000 euros and opened an account to raise funds to ease the damage caused by the fire.
  • The Bankia project, in collaboration with Fundación Foresta, Seo/BirdLife and the Spanish Red Cross, has promoted the participation of the Canarian society in the restoration of the area and the appreciation of the affected areas.

Bankia has helped recover the area affected by the fires that affected Gran Canaria, sweeping over 10,0000 hectares of forest on the island, thanks to the 'Reverdece Gran Canaria' project to which the financial institution allocated 100,000 euros and for which it opened an account number with the aim of raising funds to alleviate the damage caused by the fire, through which 16,000 euros were raised. 

The ‘Reverdece Gran Canaria’ project, which has been coordinated by Fundación Foresta, Seo/BirdLife and Cruz Roja Española, has promoted the participation of the Canarian society in the restoration of the affected area and the appreciation of the damaged areas.

The corporate manager of Bankia in the Canary Islands, Federico Navarro, said that “one year after the fires struck, Bankia is happy to see how, through collaboration and teamwork, a space with a high natural value, such as that of the island, is gradually being recovered. Gran Canaria is one of the regions that made Bankia what it is today”.

For his part, the manager of the Foresta Foundation, Sergio Armas, explained that “the involvement of companies is another symptom of the general concern in today’s society to value, know and preserve the forest areas and biodiversity of our territory. This project highlights the importance of synergy between different entities to work for the good of the population and the natural environment of the Canary Islands”.

This year, the Foresta Foundation has hired a team of operators to prepare areas where foremen and chainsaw operators have prepared the soil for reforestation and eliminated invasive species.

SEO/BirdLife has been in charge of providing environmental education workshops in schools of the municipalities affected by the fires, working to raise awareness of the area’s natural wealth and biodiversity.

Cruz Roja Española has taken over the acquisition of means and elements necessary for the execution of the project, such as transport, food and material. Its extensive experience in logistics has been essential to carry out the reforestation and maintenance actions for forest reforestation.

So far, 14 reforestation actions have been registered in which 600 volunteers have participated. These activities will intensify once the haze and dry season that are affecting the area pass.

‘First Call for Environment and Sustainable Development Project Proposals’

Next September, Bankia and La Caja de Canarias Foundation will also launch the ‘First Call for Environment and Sustainable Development Project Proposals’, with the aim of supporting environmental projects in the Canary Islands committed to sustainable development and nature conservation, with 20,000 euros in funding.

The call for proposals, which will be open from 1 September and 21 September, will be aimed at supporting projects that promote the conservation, restoration and sustainable use of terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems; help reduce and recycle waste, especially plastics; and foster technological innovation aimed at reducing or preventing environmental damage. An ability to reduce the carbon footprint will be one aspect looked at by the judges.


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