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Corporate information

At headquarters of Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia in Valencia

Bankia hosts first shareholder engagement meeting

About 50 shareholders have attended the meeting in which the progress of the company and its future strategy, the evolution of the action and the shareholder remuneration, and Bankia's challenges in terms of responsible management, among other issues, have been analyzed.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
02 July 2019 - 15:00

  • This specialised meeting is held to explain the bank’s strategy to shareholders face to face, thereby enhancing transparency and fostering greater dialogue
  • Around 50 shareholders attended the meeting with Bankia, which also involved Bankia’s Chief Finance Officer, Leopoldo Alvear; CSR Director, David Menéndez; and the director of Bankia Research, José Ramón Díez
  • Bankia will host regular meetings with shareholders to provide them with important information about the bank, garner their opinions, and identify opportunities and areas for improvement

Bankia has held its first shareholder engagement meeting at the headquarters of Bankia Fintech by Innsomnia in Valencia. Around 50 shareholders came to the event, which was also attended by Bankia’s Chief Finance Officer, Leopoldo Alvear; Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Director, David Menéndez; and director of Bankia Research, José Ramón Díez.

Bankia organises these meetings to inform shareholders about the bank’s strategy and provide them with important information, and to listen to and analyse shareholders’ views, recommendations, needs and suggestions through an open and transparent debate, all with a view to enhancing and providing the best service possible.

The bank’s performance and future strategy were discussed at the meeting, along with its share performance and shareholder remuneration, the global economic and financial outlook, how the Spanish economy is performing, and the challenges faced by Bankia vis-à-vis responsible management.

Bankia’s Chief Financial Officer, Leopoldo Alvear, highlighted the bank’s ability to generate capital organically and reiterated its pledge to distribute 2.5 million euros to shareholder in the form of dividends and the surplus capital over and above the 12% CET1 FL ratio up to 2020. Alvear also reminded participants of Bankia’s goal to become “the best bank in Spain”.

In this regard, he paid particular attention to the bank’s commercial activity, the increase in the number of customers and their satisfaction, progress with the Strategic Plan, the bank’s improved credit rating, its capital adequacy ratios and liquidity buffers, and its dividend policy.

Bankia’s CSR Director, David Menéndez, meanwhile, set out the challenges faced by the bank concerning responsible management and how these affect the wider picture. He also added that “Bankia is a business that is sustainable thanks to its three-pronged corporate, financial and social commitment”.

During the event, the director of Bankia Research, José Ramón Díez, discussed the state of the global economy and the financial sector. During his speech, he explained how concerns are increasing about growth, inflation and the actions of central banks. He also reviewed the Spanish economy and analysed at what point it is in the economic cycle, along with its strengths and areas for improvement.

Shareholders were then given the opportunity to share their concerns during a Q&A session. As part of its Shareholder Loyalty Plan, Bankia holds face-to-face meetings with minority shareholders to always keep them informed and encourage dialogue and enhance relations with them.


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