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The ‘Robotization workshop’ will take place on the 9th at 11:30 AM

Bankia joins the Sustainable Culture of the 77th Madrid Book Fair with the motto #pásatealverde (“go green”)

This year Bankia joins the ‘Sustainable Culture’ initiative of the 77th Madrid Book Fair with the motto #pásatealverde (“go green”), which is being held at the Gardens of Madrid’s Buen Retiro Park until this coming June 10.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
04 June 2018 - 13:15

  • For the third consecutive year, the financial entity is classified as ‘Official Sponsor’ of one of the main events in the book sector in Spain, which is held until June 10 in El Retiro
  • The ‘Bankia Cultural Activity Pavilion’, which hosts the Fair’s main events, is decorated with micro-poems on sustainability by the poet Ajo
  • Bankia provides visitors with an ‘ofibus’ mobile office that enables both visitors and exhibitors to carry out the usual bank transactions within the fairgrounds

This year Bankia joins the ‘Sustainable Culture’ initiative of the 77th Madrid Book Fair with the motto #pásatealverde (“go green”), which is being held at the Gardens of Madrid’s Buen Retiro Park until this coming June 10.

The financial entity, for the third consecutive year, is classified as ‘Official Sponsor’ and is the sole sponsor from among companies in the financial sector. Moreover, it sponsors the ‘Bankia Cultural Activities Pavilion’, which hosts the Fair’s main events.

The Pavilion is decorated this year with six micro-poems with ecological content composed by the poet Ajo, from Madrid. In addition, among the planned activities, a recycling workshop will be held for children from 5 to 12 years of age together with the company Ecoembes. It will be given by four instructors on Saturday, June 9, from 11:30 AM to 12:30 PM at the ‘Bankia Cultural Activities Pavilion’.

The ‘Workshop of robotization in humans’ is a programme for small children, in which they can design their own vest to transform themselves into ‘Yellow-Blue’, a robot crafted of materials recovered from the yellow and blue recycling containers.

In the 77th Madrid Book Fair, the Association of Book Trade Entrepreneurs of Madrid will compensate for the emission of 41 tons of CO2 by planting wooded areas in the capital. This CO2 emission corresponds with the emissions generated by the transport of materials and shelving of books, and the assembly and disassembly of the infrastructures of the Book Fair.

This initiative is guided by the ‘Programa Madrid Compensa’ (“Madrid Compensates Programme”) developed by City Council of the Spanish capital. In this manner the CO2 emissions that are generated during the days that the Book Fair is held will become trees that neighbours of the Manzanares riverbank, Casa de Campo Park or the Ensanche de Vallecas development will be able to enjoy in a few years.

The corporate director of Bankia’s Northern Madrid Regional Directorate, Eugenio Solla, has stressed that “for the company, joining this year’s initiative of the Madrid Book Fair by taking part in activities that contribute to improve our environment, constitutes one more piece of evidence of our commitment to the environment and to culture”.

This year the event has the motto ‘Read to know, read to imagine’ and Romania is the guest country. The event enjoys participation of the most noteworthy booksellers, editors, distributors and authors, who contribute decisively to the stimulus and promotion of book distribution in our country. Support for the Madrid Book Fair is very consistent with Bankia’s policy of sponsorship of cultural projects.

Mobile Offices

In addition, Bankia provides visitors to the Book Fair with an “ofibus”, a mobile office that will enable users to carry out their usual banking transactions. “Bankia’s ‘ofibus’ makes it possible for book sellers, editors, distributors, authors and the thousands of citizens who will visit El Retiro in the coming days to withdraw money comfortably without having to leave the Gardens”, asserted Solla.

The entity has also signed an agreement with the Madrid Association of Book Trade Entrepreneurs, which stipulates that members of the Association can access Bankia’s financial products under favourable terms, especially taking out insurance policies for professional activities and Point of Sales terminals (POS).

Moreover, as an aid to tradespeople of the Book Fair, Bankia will hold a drawing for four prizes of 500 euros each among the book sellers who have contracted their POS terminal with the financial company.


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