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Creates Bankia Agro Digital, a web space aimed at the agri-food industry

Bankia launches an online tool to facilitate access to public aid for farmers

The tool is free of charge and is part of Bankia Agro Digital, a new space on the entity’s website focused exclusively on agricultural sector professionals. 

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
24 June 2020 - 00:00

  • Once profiled, the tool returns to the interested party a real-time list of possible aids, as well as an assessment and description of these
  • The applicant can access a diagnostic report in which the probability of obtaining each aid is estimated based on the company profile
  • The interested party may request an aid management service in which a manager analyses the application submission. If the aid is finally obtained, Bankia offers the possibility of advancing its collection
  • In addition, users will be able to use Bankia Agro Digital for finding current information related to agri-food activities and specific guides on digitalisation, entrepreneurship for young people and taxation

Bankia has launched a digital tool to facilitate access for farmers to all public aid for the agricultural sector that may be available at any given time, regardless of whether these are allocated at European, national, community or provincial levels.

The tool is free of charge and is part of Bankia Agro Digital, a new space on the entity’s website focused exclusively on agricultural sector professionals. In this area, in addition to the aid search platform, users can search for current information related to the agri-food sector and specific guides on digitalisation, entrepreneurship for young people and taxation.

“We are aware of the responsibility that comes with being a benchmark institution in many territories whose economy is based mainly on agriculture or livestock. For this reason, we are working on providing solutions that facilitate the day-to-day lives of the professionals working in these sectors, such as with the ‘Public Aid Finder’, which we are sure will be very useful for our customers”, says David Gómez, Bankia’s Director of Agricultural Business.

The agricultural industry is of strategic importance for Bankia. We understand the concerns of its professionals, we help them answer their concerns, provide financial advice and offer them the most appropriate products for each individual case”, added Gómez.

From the ‘Aid Finder’ , professionals in the agri-food industry will be able to search for all the public aids that they can opt for in a simple way. To do this, the tool only requests to profile the company to obtain a customised result. And it does so based on criteria such as type of company, project to be carried out, province in which the company is located or the CNAE (National Classification of Economic Activities) under which it operates.

Once profiled, the tool provides the interested party with a real-time list of possible aids, as well as an assessment and description of these.

To delve into the results, users simply need to register with the tool, by basically providing their e-mail address and some additional identification information. With this, the applicant accesses a special report, called the aid diagnosis, which provides an estimate of the probability of obtaining each of the aids according to the profile with which the search was conducted.

The diagnostic report includes an agenda that details the aid with the nearest closing date. In addition, and based on the recurrence of many aids with respect to previous years, the tool will report on those that could be called in the following months.

Aid management service

The platform offers the user the possibility of requesting, also free of charge, a management service for the main public aids. In this case, a consultant will contact the interested party to analyse the possibilities of submitting the application and, where appropriate, offer to prepare said application.

Finally, if public aid is obtained, Bankia offers the possibility of advancing said payment or financing the project to be carried out.

Bankia Agro Digital also intends to keep the user informed of the current events affecting the agri-food industry. To do this, it has a space with all the relevant news, which has a customisable filtering system, both by region and by type of activity (agriculture, livestock, fishery and agri-food industry).

Another of the novelties that Bankia Agro Digital includes is the possibility of downloading specific guides from the agricultural sector to gain in-depth knowledge on various topics, such as digitalisation, innovation, tax deductions, research and development projects, or with information compiled for young entrepreneurs.

Catalogue of specialised products and services

The entity has a wide range of specialised products and services catalogues for agri-food customers. Bankia customers have access to specialised agricultural financing, ranging from credit accounts to confirming, including advance payment of subsidies. Among them, worthy of highlighting are the Aid and Harvest Advance Payments, Financing of Agricultural Insurance, the Agro Sourcing and Agro Investments lines, the Agro Credit Account and the discount and Confirming services.

In addition, in terms of insurance, the bank offers various agricultural, civil and personal insurance products available to professionals in the industry.


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