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Additional measures to address Covid-19

Bankia launches a comprehensive set of measures for those affected by the coronavirus

The entity has also reinforced its online operations and customer service by all available means.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
01 April 2020 - 11:00

  • The entity chaired by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri launches specific initiatives aimed at the short-term “adaption” the financial needs of its private customers and companies with the aim of “helping” to overcome the new situation generated by Covid-19
  • These include extending to six months the moratorium on interest and capital in the payment of mortgage repayment and the moratorium on capital consumed by private customers
  • The bank advances payment of the unemployment benefit for more than 256,000 customers by almost a week, now to be paid Friday, 3 April
  • Bankia customers who are self-employed workers, SMEs and client companies may extend the repayment term of their loans in the short term and obtain bridge financing to pay off their long-term debts
  • Bankia is also reducing commission fees to customers with payroll accounts that are affected by the coronavirus crisis
  • The entity will also eliminate the collection of fees for withdrawing cash on debit for its customers at any ATM in the country, as long as the alarm status continues, and extends the payment limit for contactless operations from 20 to 50 euros

In recent days, Bankia announced the implementation of a wide range of measures, in addition to those already approved by the Government, with the aim of “adapting” the short-term financial needs of its private and business customers to “help” overcome this new situation generated by the coronavirus crisis.

The bank has extended to six months the moratorium on interest and capital in the payment of mortgage repayment and the moratorium on capital consumed by private customers affected by Covid-19.

In addition, Bankia will pay its customers on Friday, 3 April their unemployment benefits paid by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), almost a week before the planned date, which this month would be paid on the 9th due to the Easter holidays. This measure will benefit more than 256,000 of the bank’s customers that have their unemployment benefit paid directly into Bankia.

Measures for entrepreneurs

The bank headed by José Ignacio Goirigolzarri has implemented a wide range of measures to extend the terms of the financing of the working capital of self-employed workers, SMEs and companies before the liquidity of the financing of the lines endorsed by the Official Credit Institute (ICO) is available.

The bank will also provide bridge financing solutions to those companies that need it to pay off their long-term loans. It thus offers a solution for long-term financing while the ICO solutions are finalised.

In addition, in order to alleviate the financial burden of its suppliers, it is maintaining the remuneration of services that, due to current circumstances, are not being provided, in part or in full, in accordance with the agreements in force, with the requirement that they maintain the working conditions of staff that provide the service at Bankia during said period.

Relaxed fees

Bankia is also going to support its customers with payroll accounts that are being affected by the coronavirus crisis. Everyone who at the end of February met the requirements to be exempt from payment for services or that were entitled to discounted fees will maintain the same conditions, even if they no longer meet the requirements due to the current situation.

The aim is for the bank’s customers whose income has experience a temporary drop, are no longer receiving a salary on a temporary basis or whose savings placed in funds.

have decreased can continue to receive beneficial treatment regarding their fees for bank services.

No ATM fees

On the other hand, as part of the agreement established with the ten financial institutions that are members of the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks (CECA), Bankia has eliminated the fees charged for cash withdrawals for its customers at all ATMs in the country, as long as the current state of alarm remains in force.

In addition, the bank chaired by Goirigolzarri has extended this measure to the entire ATM network throughout Spain and will not charge any customers any fees for cash withdrawals on debit.

Also agreeing, together with other financial institutions, to temporarily increase the payment limit for contactless operations from 20 euros to 50 euros (without a PIN request). This reduces the chances of touching the POS terminal by having to enter a PIN number.

Advance payment of pensions

On the other hand, within the measures put in place in recent days, there has been a two-day advance in the payment of Social Security pensions to their customers with the aim of preventing pensioners to the extent possible from having to visit branches and being exposed to crowds.

The bank informed 1.1 million pensioners through a phone call or SMS message that they had received their pension to avoid them from having to go to their branch and thus help preserve their health from the risks generated by the evolution of the coronavirus.

Reinforcing of digital channels

Bankia, which has kept part of its network open and has 98% of its central services staff working from home, has reinforced the digital channels available to its customers, through which they can interact with the bank’s professionals and carry out their usual operations, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Additionally, the bank is constantly monitoring all of its systems by all available means to ensure online operations and customer service remain in operation (network of branches, internet branch, App, telephone customer care, “Connect with your expert”, ATMs...).


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