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Corporate information

Bankia launches Soluciona Empresas, a free digital platform to help companies in their decision-making

Bankia has launched Soluciona Empresas , a completely free on-line platform that includes a package of digital tools designed to help Spanish companies make day-to-day decisions, whether or not they are Bankia customers.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
05 November 2017

  • The platform is intended to help companies sell more, manage their risks better and raise funds to grow their businesses
  • Soluciona Empresas started out with nine digital tools but is constantly evolving to offer more
  • Bankia has developed these tools partly on its own and partly in collaboration with industry-leading specialized partners: Solunion, S2 Grupo, Forética and Exportory

Bankia has launched Soluciona Empresas, a completely free on-line platform that includes a package of digital tools designed to help Spanish companies make day-to-day decisions, whether or not they are Bankia customers.

Businesses are a strategic sector for the bank and our aspirational goal is to be perceived as their bank of preference. To achieve that goal, we want not only to finance their projects and accompany and advise them in implementing those projects but also to provide them with useful tools for their day-to-day activities.

Gonzalo Alcubilla
Deputy general director of Bankia’s Business Banking division

The purpose of this new service is to help companies sell more, manage their risks more effectively and raise the funds they need in order to grow.

"Businesses are a strategic sector for the bank and our aspirational goal is to be perceived as their bank of preference. To achieve that goal, we want not only to finance their projects and accompany and advise them in implementing those projects but also to provide them with useful tools for their day-to-day activities," says Gonzalo Alcubilla, deputy general director of Bankia's Business Banking division.

Soluciona Empresas is the platform Bankia has launched to group together the value added services it provides to companies.

This programme started out with nine digital tools but is expected to continually evolve, as new tools are developed and added to its catalogue.

Each of the tools has been developed by Bankia either on its own or in collaboration with a partner who has expertise in the relevant market, such as Solunion, S2 Grupo, Forética and Exportory, each of which contributes its knowledge in its fields of specialisation and works closely with Bankia in developing this method of approaching companies.

Bankia groups the solutions included in this platform under three headings or purposes: selling more, managing risks and raising funds.

To sell more, in this first phase the bank offers companies two tools:

  • Índicex  (developed by Bankia), which can be used to measure a company's level of competitiveness and so identify its strengths and weaknesses in order to improve its commercial strategy.
  • Exporta  (created by Bankia with support from Exportory), which provides information about the countries or sectors in which a company is likely to find the most business opportunities for its products. It also gives access to macroeconomic and cultural data on the target country and product-specific data for each market.

To help companies manage their risks, Soluciona Empresas offers up to six different tools, specialised in different areas:

  • Gestión Responsable  (designed in collaboration with Forética), which offers a self-assessment regarding the level of implementation of various aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • País Índex  (developed with Solunion), which shows different countries' credit quality, based on the Solunion and Euler Hermes rating.
  • Sector Índex  (Solunion), which offers information about the risk of the macrosectors in which a company operates anywhere in the world.
  • Crédito Índex  (Solunion), which provides a credit risk report, by rating, sector and country, for a set of businesses, so as to allow a company to measure the risk of its portfolio or of a set of its customers around the world.
  • Recobra  (Solunion), which informs about the probabilities and costs of collecting an unpaid invoice anywhere in the world.
  • Secur@ Índex (S2 Grupo), which prepares a quick analysis of a company's cyber security.

To help raise funds, the Soluciona Empresas platform has:

  •   Inveinte (devised by Bankia in collaboration with Zabala Consulting), which provides advice on official public aid and grants to help companies identify possible sources of funding.


Using the platform is very simple. All a user has to do is access the Soluciona Empresas space on the Bankia.es website and log in with the company's tax ID and an email address. From there, whether it is a Bankia customer or not, the user has access to the whole ecosystem of value-added tools, free of charge.

For Mauro Fernández, Bankia's head of Products and Services for Businesses, "the new platform is intended for all type of companies, from the very small to the very large. But, naturally, given their size, SMEs are the ones that are able to benefit the most, as they tend to have much more limited resources at their disposal to meet certain challenges."

"‘Soluciona Empresas will help fill out Bankia's offering to the companies sector, which currently is the best offering in the market in terms of differentiated service quality, based on offering the best products and services, as well as high-value-added tools," Fernández explains.

This positioning in relation to the companies segment has allowed Bankia to grow and gain market share. At the end of the third quarter, new lending to SMEs was up 22.1% year-on-year, while loans to larger companies were up 15.9%.

These increases allowed the bank to increase its share of loans to companies by 14 basis points during the last year, to 6.01%. If real estate lending, which is prohibited to Bankia, and non-performing loans are excluded from the total, the market share gain increases to 23 basis points. On that basis, which gives a much better measure of the bank's real activity, the bank's share stands at 6.42%.

Bankia's growth in the companies segment is even more apparent in new lending: in just 12 months it has increased its share by 86 basis points, to 6.39%.

Specialised customer care

Bankia has 61 Business Centres, which serve companies with turnover of more than six million euros. These centres have specialised account managers who offer solutions tailored to the needs of this segment: mainly cash management, foreign trade, off-balance-sheet exposures, financing and investment projects.

Companies with a smaller turnover are served directly via the general branch network. Depending on their location and number of business customers, branches may have an appropriately sized team of specialists to serve SMEs, retailers and self-employed business people. Bankia manages these types of customers on a portfolio basis; it now offers them a wider range of specialized services and has established new pre-approved financing programmes.

The bank also has two corporate banking centres, which specialise in serving large companies. In the growth phase Bankia is just starting, corporate banking will be one of the levers to increase its business, since until now the bank has been subject to limits on certain activities, such as real estate development financing or certain transactions with listed companies. These restrictions will be lifted at the end of this year, opening up new growth opportunities.

In total, Bankia has more than 600 specialised account managers to meet the needs of its corporate customers.

Note to the Editor:

Solunion A leader in credit insurance and customer service. It has the backing and experience of its shareholders, Euler Hermes, a world leader in credit insurance, and MAPFRE, the leading insurance company in Spain.

S2 Grupo. A company specialized in cyber security and cyber intelligence, in which it is a leader in Spain. It has developed the main Spanish cyber defence tools and has one of 15 internationally recognized cyber security service centres in Spain, S2 Grupo CERT, for the detection, containment and eradication of cyber threats.

Forética. The leading association of corporate social responsibility / sustainability companies and professionals in Spain and Latin America. Its mission is to promote the integration of social, environmental and good governance issues in companies' and organizations' strategy and management. It is the sole representative in Spain of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and therefore of the Spanish Business Council for Sustainable Development. It is also a member of the Board of Directors of CSR Europe. In Spain, Forética is an expert member of the State CSR Council.

Exportory. A startup that helps SMEs export. It has an online tool to help companies identify problems, challenges and opportunities in the countries to which they wish to export. It uses an algorithm to tell management whether a product is likely to work in a particular country, without the need for travel and at low cost.


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