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Bankia and Minsait team up to reduce bank fraud and cybersecurity anomalies

The agreement signed between both companies aims to develop, implement and market an anti-fraud solution based on artificial intelligence.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
19 May 2020 - 11:30

  • Sign an agreement to develop tools capable of preventing, detecting and containing trends or patterns of fraud and cybersecurity anomalies through artificial intelligence to optimize the security, trust and experience of customers of banks and companies in all sectors

Bankia and Minsait, an Indra company, have signed a collaboration agreement to become the main reference point in the fight against bank fraud and cybersecurity anomalies.

The purpose of the agreement signed between the two companies is to develop, implement and market an anti-fraud solution, based on artificial intelligence, capable of, on the one hand, preventing, detecting and containing trends or patterns of fraud and, on the other, detecting anomalies. in the field of cybersecurity.

This solution will optimize the security, trust and experience of customers of financial institutions and companies in other sectors of activity.

The considerable increase in the number of transactions in the digital environment and the need to provide greater security to the operations performed in online sales services, contactless payment or national and international transfers, among others, leads to the risk of cybercrimes such as fraud, something which is a real challenge for financial institutions and companies within their multi-channel environment.

The alliance between Bankia and Minsait, which involves the combination of algorithms, intelligence and exploitation of historical data from both institutions, includes the development of an anti-fraud solution with a fast and reliable response capacity that will allow addressing the present and future challenges in this field. SIA, a leading cybersecurity company recently acquired by Indra, will contribute its capabilities to develop the initiatives contemplated within the framework of the agreement.

The solution will use detection engines based on machine learning techniques, neural networks with Artificial Intelligence, in-memory computing processing levels and the creation of patterns supported by expert knowledge about fraudulent activities.

Each of the techniques and algorithms used has a specific objective, such as detecting past fraud patterns, unknown fraud patterns and deviations from expected behaviours, as well as preventing future fraud from learning. dynamic rather than static rules. This complements the rules engines traditionally used in banking entities.

On the other hand, the agreement includes the detection of anomalies in cybersecurity environments, applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques within a Big Data context, which makes it possible to exploit historical data and generate the necessary knowledge to model behaviours and detect deviations or illegitimate unexpected actions. All this allows the reduction of the number of false positives, something that favours the technical teams to address the anomalies that are really important.

A commitment to cost reduction and responsible digitalisation

The result of this alliance has a direct impact on reducing operating costs at any bank or company related to the fraud detection, prevention and management processes, maintaining known levels of fraud and strengthening prevention capabilities against non-fraud. known.

Another important aspect of the agreement is that this is the first time that there is a solution adapted to the Spanish market, but adaptable and exportable to international markets, which combines intelligence, technique and local knowledge in a fraud tool capable of preventing, detecting and contain current and future fraud trends or patterns. Bankia is the first Spanish financial institution that has an analytical engine for detecting anomalies that makes decisions in real time.

This agreement reinforces the collaboration that Minsait and Bankia have in the field of digital transformation to improve the experience and security of customers of the financial institution. The Indra subsidiary has recently completed the implementation of a video-identification solution that facilitates the “digital onboarding” or mobile registration of Bankia customers in a few minutes and in a simple way, without having to travel to branches.


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