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From left to right: the Deputy General Director of Communication and External Relations of Bankia, Amalia Blanco, and the General Director of the Montemadrid Foundation, Cristóbal Sánchez.

Social commitment

Projects aimed at preserving biodiversity

Bankia and the Montemadrid Foundation allocate 165,000 euros to environmental projects in the Comunidad de Madrid

The Deputy General Director of Communication and External Relations of Bankia, Amalia Blanco, and the General Director of the Montemadrid Foundation, Cristóbal Sánchez, attended the signing of the collaboration agreement.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
22 May 2019 - 14:00

  • Both entities have signed an agreement to develop the 'Cultiva la amistad', 'ReforestAcción' and 'Arboribus' initiatives
  • The projects, which will be launched in the Comunidad de Madrid, have an environmental along with social participation

Bankia and the Montemadrid Foundation signed a collaboration agreement aimed at launching three environmental projects with the goal of preserving biodiversity, promoting environmental activities among vulnerable social groups and raising awareness about the natural heritage of the Comunidad de Madrid.

Both entities, which have collaborated for years on other initiatives such as the 'Call for Social Action', will allocate 165,000 euros to launching the 'Cultiva la amistad', 'ReforestAcción' and 'Arboribus' projects.

Bankia’s assistant general manager of Communication and External Relations, Amalia Blanco, and the general manager of the Montemadrid Foundation, Cristóbal Sánchez, took part in the signing ceremony of this agreement, which took place at the Ponce de León Education Centre of Montemadrid.

"We are very proud and excited about the signing of this new agreement with the Montemadrid Foundation, whose main objective is to drive environmental initiatives in an autonomous community that is essential for us", said Blanco, who stressed that "the environment is one of the five priority lines of Bankia’s social action lines".

For his part, the general director of the Montemadrid Foundation believes that this new collaboration "drives both entities to develop environmental projects and materialise this effort in a firm commitment to sustainability which is also a commitment to society and the environment that we must value and protect for future generations". "In addition, the three projects have a strong social component with the participation of volunteers, citizens and non-profit organisations," he said.

'Cultiva la amistad', a meeting place for social associations

The Montemadrid gardens, located in the Ponce de León centre, have been dedicated to sustainable leisure for families who want to grow their own vegetables and for schools that want to provide environmental education for three years. With this goal in mind, Bankia and the Montemadrid Foundation are expanding the possibilities of participation in the gardens, turning them into a social and environmental meeting point where 15 plots will be given to non-profit organisations to develop projects for leisure, occupational therapy, socialisation of groups at risk of exclusion and education.

'ReforestAcción', reforestation in the Sierra del Rincón

The Montemadrid Foundation started the 'ReforestAcción' project in March 2018 with the support of the Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Madrid. Its objective was to identify the most suitable areas for reforestation in the Region of Madrid (CAM), as well as choose the most appropriate species and reforestation techniques for the social and environmental situation of the area. Now, with the support of Bankia, reforestation will be carried out with professional personnel who will also make the land suitable for the planting of new species by volunteers, as well as the maintenance and follow-up thereof.

'Arboribus', an online platform for tree recognition

The 'Arboribus' project aims to increase the environmental awareness of schoolchildren, families and citizens about the wildlife of the parks in Madrid. For this purpose, an online platform will be created where users can see botanical information and discover the characteristics of the species in Madrid's three emblematic parks: Parque del Oeste, Campo del Moro and Parque de El Retiro. The platform, which will also be accessible on mobile devices, will offer contents produced by Antonio López Lillo and Antonio López Santalla, as well as panoramic images produced by Ludovic Magnoux.

Fundación Montemadrid

Fundación Montemadrid is a private non-profit organisation that has made a great effort when it comes to boosting and promoting social action, education, culture and environmental protection in our country. Its activity is aimed at improving the quality of life and inclusion of groups and individuals with social difficulties, while boosting the active participation of citizens through greater access to culture and education. The Foundation maintains and manages social and cultural centres such as La Casa Encendida and Casa San Cristóbal, schools, libraries, centres for older people, special job centres and various administration centres from which social institutions, among others, operate.


Bankia consolidates and reinforces its commitment to society through five priority lines of social action: employment and training, housing, local and rural development, disability and the environment. The financial institution focuses its social investment on these areas and maintains its commitment to society through the involvement of its entire structure and professionals. The Corporate Social Responsibility policy is all-encompassing and approachable, as it links the social actions of the bank with its business in the areas in which the professionals themselves find socio-economic problems and vulnerable groups.


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