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The entity recommends the use of ATMs to carry out certain bank procedures.


Measures to mitigate the impact of coronavirus

Bankia brings forward pension payments to 22 May

The entity, as it did in the previous months, maintains this measure for the benefit of its clients within the current context in which society is immersed.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
20 May 2020 - 10:30

  • The bank advises pensioners to not visit its branches and to use the ATMs if they need cash

Once again this month, Bankia will advance the payment of Social Security pensions to its customers, as it did in the last two month, as part of the measures taken by the bank to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus crisis.

This way, the customers of the bank will receive their pension on 22 May, three days before the scheduled payment date, the 25th.

With this initiative, Bankia maintains its commitment to ensure pension income is available earlier than usual, as part of its goal to make life easier for its customers, especially in the current situation.

The bank still recommends its elderly customers not to go to a branch, because the first priority in this scenario is their health. If customers need cash, the bank asks them to use any of its 5,500 ATMs.

In this regard, Bankia customers who need to withdraw cash may do so free of charge at any ATM of any bank.

Moreover, in collaboration with Alares Social, S.A., Bankia offers 1 million pensioners over 65 years of age a free personalised home assistance service so they don’t have to leave their homes to buy groceries or go to a pharmacy.

To avoid too many people from visiting its branches, the bank has established certain action criteria, in line with the recommendations issued by the health authorities, in order to protect the health of the entity’s customers and professionals.

In this way, the capacity of customers in offices will be limited to the maximum number of people that can be served at the same time and it is required to keep a minimum safe distance between people.

Moreover, it has reinforced the digital channels available to its customers, through which they can interact with the bank’s professionals and carry out their usual operations, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Additionally, the bank is constantly monitoring all of its systems by all available remote means to ensure online operations and customer service remain in operation (internet branch, App, telephone customer care, “Connect with your expert”, ATMs...).

Bankia continues to be in permanent contact with the health authorities and will continue to apply the established action protocols, based on criteria of caution, active surveillance and care for people.


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