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Bankia publishes the '2019 Bankia Annual Report', which includes the activity of the bank’s best commercial year in its history

The entity has become a leader in net fund raising and has increased its market shares for the business and consumer segments during last year

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
06 April 2020 - 11:30

Bankia has published the ‘2019 Bankia Annual Report’, which includes the activity of the best commercial year in its history, in which the entity has become a leader in net fund raising and has increased its market shares for the business and consumer segments.

Although 2019 has been a year of negative interest rates, Bankia has shown a strong commercial dynamism that is reflected in its growth capacity for high value products and profitability, all thanks to the trust deposited by its customers and to the efforts made by its professionals.

The bank recorded a profit of 541 million euros after stabilising recurring revenue and reducing expenses to a greater extent than expected. The core result, i.e. the pure banking figures, grew by 3.5%, up to 1,287 million euros, and capital continued to be generated organically, reaching CET1 FL at 13.02%.

Bankia also made progress in meeting the management objectives of its 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, increasing the market shares for loans in mortgages, business and consumer and also the for high-value products, reducing the non-doubtful credit mix and reducing the volume of non-performing assets down to 8,400 million euros, compared to a year-end target of 8,900 million euros.

During 2019, Bankia consolidated its commitment to sustainable financing with the creation of the Sustainable Business and Financing Directorate, which was born with a cross-cutting approach and which leads an internal project involving a large part of the organisation.

As a whole, in the field of corporate financing, project financing and developer financing, the bank financed operations in the amount of approximately 900 million euros, contributing to mobilising sustainable financial resources for an amount close to 9,000 million euros.

The customer at the center of the strategyp

After adopting the motto ‘It’s that easy’, the bank began a new more customer-centric phase, in which it aspires to become society’s preferred bank. Proof of this is the ‘Because it’s you’ programme, whereby close to 4.3 million private customers and SMEs do not pay for banking services. This programme will evolve in 2020 with new criteria to increase the number of loyal customers and ensure that relations are sustainably profitable.

The active listening that Bankia carried out in 2019, together with the improvement of its processes to serve its customers in a more efficient way and the adaptation of its distribution models to provide them with improved services, has allowed to increase the customer satisfaction rates up to 90.3% in the case of private customers and up to 94.7% in the case of business customers.

In 2019, Bankia focused its efforts on five SDGs: Action for climate (SDG 13), Decent work and economic growth (SDG 8), Quality education (SDG 4), Sustainable cities and communities (SDG 11) and Partnerships to achieve objectives (SDG 17). To contribute to their achievement, the bank signed the UN’s Principles of Responsible Banking, adhering, together with international banks, to the UN’s Collective Commitment to Climate Action and committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2020.


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