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It evaluates whether or not the customer meets the vulnerability criteria established in the regulation

Bankia releases an online simulator for customers affected by the Covid-19 crisis to know if they can apply for the mortgage or consumption extension

Bankia has reinforced the digital channels available to its customers, through which they can carry out their usual operations.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
20 April 2020 - 12:00

  • After entering some basic data, the tool immediately provides a diagnosis for each situation and notifies the user whether or not they are eligible for the extension.
  • If they are, the simulator provides information about the documentation that must be sent, as required by regulations, to request the extension, as well as a link to submit it over the internet.

Bankia has released an online simulator for people affected by the economic consequences of Covid-19 to know if they meet the requirements to apply for the mortgage and consumption extensions enabled by Royal Decrees 8/2020 and 11/2020, on measures for mitigate the effects of the coronavirus crisis.

The tool makes it easier for users to assess whether or not they meet the vulnerability criteria provided for in the regulations approved by the Government.

The page contains a brief explanation of the extension and eligibility criteria. In addition, this site will contain a link that will allow the user to start the simulation.

To carry out the diagnosis, the platform requests to complete a questionnaire, which includes data on the credit for which an extension is to be requested, as well as additional information on the situation of the interested party.

After entering all the information, the tool immediately provides a diagnosis for each particular case, notifying whether or not the user is eligible for the extension. It also provides all the details about which requirements are met and which are not, based on the criteria provided for in the regulation to determine a situation of vulnerability.

If the user meets the criteria, the simulator provides information about the documentation that must be sent, as required by regulations, to request the extension, as well as a link to submit it to Bankia over the internet.

This initiative is part of a series of measures that the bank has launched to meet the financial needs of its customers in the short term with the aim of "helping" to overcome the situation generated by Covid-19.

Thus, the entity has announced an increase of up to 12 months of the capital extension of mortgage payments and up to six months of the capital extension on consumption financing for private customers affected by the economic impact of the crisis.

Advance payment of pensions and unemployment benefits

The bank also communicated the schedule to pay pensions and unemployment benefits for in March to their beneficiaries. And now, it will do the same for April’s pensions and benefits.

In collaboration with Alares, Bankia offers 1 million pensioners over 65 years of age a free personalised home assistance service so they do not have to leave their homes to buy groceries or go to a pharmacy.

Bankia is going to support its customers with income accounts that are being affected by the coronavirus crisis. Everyone who at the end of February met the requirements to be exempt from payment for services or that were entitled to discounted fees will maintain the same conditions, even if they no longer meet the requirements due to the current situation.

Cash withdrawal at any ATM without fees

Likewise, Bankia has waived the fees for withdrawing cash on debit for its customers at any ATM in the country, as long as the state of alarm remains in force.

Moreover, it has agreed to temporarily increase the payment limit for contactless operations from 20 euros to 50 euros (without requesting a PIN number). This reduces the chances of touching the terminal by having to enter a PIN number.

Bankia is keeping most of its offices open and has reinforced the digital channels available to its customers, through which they can interact with the bank’s professionals and carry out their usual operations, avoiding unnecessary travel.

Additionally, the bank is constantly monitoring all of its systems by all available means to ensure online transactions and customer service remain in operation (network of offices, internet office, App, telephone customer care, “Connect with your expert”, ATMs...).


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