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Social commitment

As part of its social action strategies in 2019

Bankia supports 138 projects in the Comunidad Valenciana with 1.1 million euros

The lines of social action of the entity in the Autonomous Community revolve around the promotion of employment for young people and people over 45, women victims of gender violence, people with disabilities and at risk of exclusion, as well as on development rural and local and environmental protection.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
26 August 2019 - 14:45

  • The bank is contributing 650,000 euros to the Bancaja Foundation and 65,000 euros to the Caja Castellón Foundation to jointly promote social, environmental and entrepreneurial actions taken by associations in the three provinces of Valencia
  • With the Red Solidaria programme, bank employees have selected 36 specific projects in Valencia, Castellón and Alicante to receive up to 266,000 euros of support, depending on the achievement of commercial objectives by the network of branches
  • Bankia is also contributing 165,000 euros to employment plans run by the Red Cross, Cáritas and Acción contra el Hambre

This year Bankia is contributing 1.1 million euros to support 138 charity projects in the Comunidad Valenciana thanks to partnership agreements with the Fundación Bancaja, the Cruz Roja, Cáritas and Acción contra el Hambre. It is also participating in the Red Solidaria programme, through which bank employees support initiatives run by social entities by achieving the commercial objectives of the branch network.

Bankia’s social action strategies in the Comunidad Valenciana, which are planned to benefit almost 40,000 people, focus on job creation for young people, and those over 45, women who are victims of gender-based violence, people who are disabled and in danger of social exclusion, as well as on rural and local development and protecting the environment.

“Bankia is committed to organisations that carry out specific, local, social projects, necessary to improve the daily lives of people who live in Valencia”, underlined the territorial corporate manager of Bankia in Valencia and Castellón, Jaime Casas.

On the one hand, this year Bankia is contributing 650,000 euros to the Fundación Bancaja for the purpose of jointly promoting social, cultural and environmental programmes run by local associations in Valencia, Castellón and Alicante.

This contribution in 2019 represents an increase of 100,000 euros for Bankia to this series of projects, or 18% more, which will benefit vulnerable groups, such as people with disabilities, addicts, homeless people, immigrants, families without resources, children, long-term unemployed people or inmates and ex-prisoners, among others.

Specifically, Bankia and the Fundación Bancaja have launched a “Call for Proposals for NGO Cooperation”, aimed at projects carried out in the field of social exclusion and international cooperation; and the “CAPACES Call for Proposals”, aimed at improving the social and occupational prospects of people with disabilities.

They will also launch a call for proposals for joint grants to entities that come up with proposals related to environmental protection in the Comunidad de Valencia, to support the launch of projects that guarantee the preservation of the natural environment in the three provinces.

On the other hand, Bankia is contributing 65,000 euros to the Fundación Caja Castellón to jointly support 41 non-profit organisations that carry out social projects aimed at promoting employment and improving the quality of life of elderly people, people with disabilities and people in danger of social exclusion in the province of Castellón.

Increased employability

Bankia also provides almost 110,000 euros of support to employment projects run by the Cruz Roja in the towns of Alicante, Benidorm, Castellón, Altea, Almoradí, Horta Sud and Sagunto, which help to improve the employability of 265 long-term unemployed people and over-45s, as well as unemployed women and victims of gender-based violence.

The bank is also contributing around 45,000 euros to three Caritas projects in the towns of Valencia, Castellón and Elche (Alicante) for training in the care of dependent people, in gardening and hospitality work, from which over 170 people will benefit. It is also contributing 13,000 euros to an occupational integration and mentoring programme run by Acción contra el Hambre, and another entrepreneurship programme.

Furthermore, with the Red Solidaria programme, bank employees in the Comunidad Valenciana have selected a total of 36 specific projects in the three provinces to receive up to 266,000 euros of support, depending on the achievement of commercial objectives by the network of branches.

“Red Solidaria is one of our flagships. The pride of belonging to the bank becomes more evident through this program, as the professionals support the groups and associations from their district that they select themselves”, says Casas.


Bankia consolidates and reinforces its commitment to society through five priority social action strategies: employment and training, housing, local and rural development, disability and the environment. The financial institution focuses its social investment on these areas and maintains its commitment to society through the involvement of its entire structure and professionals. The Responsible Management policy is all-encompassing and approachable, as it links the social actions of the bank with its goals. Thus, Bankia makes a priority contribution to nine of the 17 SDGs, including decent work and economic growth; industry, innovation and infrastructure; action for climate, and affordable, clean energy.


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