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Within the framework of its social and environmental commitment

Bankia launches the 'Sustainable Business Activity Loan'

The entity markets a loan aimed at freelancers and companies that carry out sustainable investments or activities, both environmental and social.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
02 September 2020 - 11:00

  • Aimed at self-employed workers and companies to finance sustainable operations, of both environmental and social nature
  • This new product is part of Bankia's strategy of accompanying companies in their process of adaptation towards a more sustainable economy
  • Together with the 'Sustainable Furniture Leasing' launched last January, it completes the long-term financing options for self-employed workers and companies whose purpose is that of sustainable investment

Bankia has started to market a loan aimed at self-employed workers and companies to finance long-term operations whose purpose is to carry out sustainable investments or activities, including both environmental and social.

The 'Sustainable Business Activity Loan' is part of Bankia's strategy of accompanying companies in their process of adapting to a more sustainable economy and supporting new industries with an impact on decreasing their carbon impact.

With this loan, Bankia customers will be able to finance investments or activities related to energy efficiency, renewable energies, sustainable transport, natural resources and land use, waste management and circular economy, sustainable water and waste water management, prevention and control of pollution, and the world of health and education.

Making investments in sustainable projects has many advantages for companies, since it can bring significant cost savings, channel capital towards sectors of activity that will be key in the economy of the future and reinforce the objectives that companies have established in ESG aspects (environmental, social and corporate governance).

This new product, along with the ‘Sustainable Furniture Leasing’ launched last January, completes the long-term financing options for self-employed workers and companies whose purpose is that of sustainable investment.

Furthermore, Bankia’s Business Solutions’, offers to both Bankia customers and non-customers, the “Responsible Management”, “Energy Efficiency” and “Certify” tools to promote management and decision-making that include social, environmental and good governance aspects, which lead to an increase in productivity and a better reputation of Bankia customers’ businesses in their area of activity, and facilitate the third party certification of this entire effort.

Sustainable financial solutions

In its commitment to sustainability and the environment, Bankia also develops and promotes financial solutions such as sustainable loans for individuals and self-employed workers, where it was a pioneer in its launch over three years ago. These sustainable loans are committed to protecting the environment, and can be used for the acquisition of hybrid or electric vehicles, the purchase of new low-consumption appliances, or home or business improvements that will improve energy efficiency through the installation of solar panels or condensation boilers, among others.

In addition, in 2019 Bankia expanded the range of its funds with an impact on sustainable development goals (SDGs) by launching the Bankia Sustainable Future Mixed fund. This fund invests, directly or indirectly, in the same areas as its sister fund, the Bankia Sustainable Future, for which the first impact report in Spain for a retail distribution investment fund has just been published , but with a more moderate risk profile.

The new fund invests less than 30% of the total exposure in equities of companies with an impact and in the of the investible assets, it allows the incorporation of other assets with a lower volatility impact, including the credit of the selected companies, green bonds, social bonds and government bonds, taking into account the SDG compliance rates.


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