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Bankia will begin the foreign trade training of 30 students from the Community of Valencia

This will be the second time that Dualiza Bankia’s COMEX programme on foreign trade is given in the Community of Valencia.

Bankia Comunicación

By Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
03 September 2018 - 12:45

  • Students will receive the complementary training at the entity's corporate headquarters in Valencia

Beginning today, Bankia will be giving additional training on foreign trade to 30 students from four schools of Valencia who are enrolled in the COMEX programme of Dualiza Bankia. The students are dual vocational training students of the Advanced Vocational Training Degree on International Trade.

They come from the following schools: Instituto Técnico Profesional Pax, Escola Professional Xavier, Capitol Empresa and Centro Integrado Público de Formación Profesional Ausiàs March.

The COMEX programme, which will be given at Bankia's corporate headquarters in Valencia, will allow the students to complete their studies with 90 additional training hours (60 in class and 30 online) for resolving practical cases through Bankia's Comex Campus.

During this period, they will be provided with knowledge on economic and financial management in international trade. They will learn about the risks of foreign trade operations and about hedging alternatives that exist in the market, as well as about how to expand internationally with certainty and coherence.

This is the second year that Dualiza Bankia is promoting its COMEX programme in the Community of Valencia, after the programme in 2016, which was the first one nationally.

Its development is framed within Bankia’s investment in dual training to drive employability and innovation in the labour market, thereby improving business competitiveness and speeding up the transformation of the education system by continuously updating to meet the requirements of the new economy.

The organisation pursues this objective through Dualiza, a programme that fosters, promotes and disseminates dual vocational training to increase its value to society as a driver of employability.


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