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Social commitment

The business incubator of the IES Cartuja de Granada high school gives a boost to its first company of 2019 within the Dualiza Scheme

The project of this company seeks to promote self-employment, innovation and entrepreneurship among the young people of the town, being an initiative valued by the Dualiza Aids.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
21 January 2019 - 12:00

  • It is a company devoted to energy efficiency
  • Two other companies could see the light this year
  • The project was selected by the Dualiza Aid Scheme for its commitment to combat unemployment in the area through training.

Vinla (incubator, shuttle) launched by the IES Cartuja de Granada high school for the creation and launch of business initiatives, and driven by its selection for the Dualiza Bankia Aid Scheme and FPempresa, has already given birth to the first company of the year.

The company in question is Solarefic, a business focused on energy efficiency and renewable energies, based on the creation and installation of photovoltaic system, as well as the performing studies, both for individuals and companies, on the efficiency of electrical grids and installations.

In addition, 2 other companies could be launched this year. One of them is Pasos, focused on participatory processes by citizens working and supporting entities in the organization of events. The second one belongs to the technological and digital industry, although the brand has not yet been registered.

Vinla, launched by the IES Cartuja high school with the Save the Ideas association, is the response given by the center to high unemployment in the Granada borough of Cartuja to promote self-employment, innovation and entrepreneurship for all the students of the city.

The business incubator also has the support of the City Council of Granada and the Andalucía Center for Entrepreneurship of Macarena and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Granada, supported by new companies that can give advice to young people

Vinla was selected in the Dualiza Aid Scheme to promote collaboration projects between vocational training schools and companies. About 600 students have had the opportunity participate in the project, most of them from Administration and Finances degrees and Office IT Basic Vocational Training, along with high school seniors.

The incubator has also admitted people from outside the school that needed to know more about the basic steps before starting a company.

Dualiza Aid Scheme and FPempresa

Dualiza seeks to promote projects that encourage collaboration between Vocational Training schools and companies in order to promote a combination of training and work. The second edition has opened its registration period, which will end on January 31.

Dualiza Bankia, Bankia’s dual training initiative

Dualiza Bankia is the brand through which the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training conducts all its promotion and awareness initiatives for vocational training and dual vocational training. And it represents the commitment acquired by Bankia to the promotion of education as a way to improve society, combat inequality and promote greater social cohesion.


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