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The Federació de Pilota Valenciana (FPV) and Bankia present the final of the Women's Raspall League

The first act of the final of the most important tournament of the female raspall will be played next Saturday, June 15, in the street of Beniparrell ball, at 19 hours.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
10 June 2019 - 18:15

The Federació de Pilota Valenciana (FPV) and Bankia inaugurated the Bankia Elite Raspall League 2019 in a ceremony held at the Assembly Hall of Bankia's headquarters in Valencia.

The event was attended by the chairman of the FPV, José Daniel Sanjuán; the councillor of Sports and Equality, Isabel García; the commercial manager of Bankia in Valencia and Castelló, Rosa Piqueras, and the coordinator of Valencian pilota of the Generalitat Valenciana, Sebastià Giner, as well as representatives of the finalist teams, Bicorp and Beniparrell.

The first event of the final of the most important women's raspall competition. This will take place on Saturday, 15 June, at Calle de Pelota in Beniparrell, at 7 pm, filmed by À Punt Mèdia.

The president of the FPV, José Daniel Sanjuán, has highlighted the importance of women in sport. "From the Federation we are trying to position women's sport in the place it should occupy. The players are a role model for today's Valencian pilota, complementing this sport with their spirit of self-improvement and sacrifice. Institutions such as Bankia, together with the Provincial Council and the Generalitat Valenciana, increase the visibility of women's sports and that is something we will always be grateful for".

Rosa Piqueras, a Bankia representative at the event, assured that "at Bankia we are very proud to be able to support the practice of this sport among women, which is already unstoppable". "It is a great satisfaction to sponsor and take part in women's championships this season, such as the League and the Individual, along with the men's competitions. Of course, today we must congratulate the Bicorp A and Beniparell teams, Victoria, Mar, Aida, Ana and Noelia for their great performance in this competition and for deservingly reaching the grand finale of this Saturday", she said, and assured that "Bankia will continue to collaborate with pilota".

The councillor for Sports, Isabel García, thanked Bankia "for joining us in the promotion of women's pilota; we have found an ally in you. This growth women's pilota in Valencia, which has been fast and significant, has been possible thanks to our cooperation with the Federation these last four years", while the representative of the Generalitat Valenciana, Sebastià Giner, remarked that "the Bicorp team is back at the finals one more and will prove itself against Beniparrell. These are two very high-level and coordinated teams that will ensure a great show that is taking place thanks to the sponsorship of Bankia, which maintains its commitment to our sport, and once again this year, filmed by À Punt Mèdia.

Lastly, the finalists, Victoria and Mar from Bicorp, together with Ana and Noelia from Beniparrell, closed the ceremony with the traditional choosing of the balls for the grand finale on Saturday.


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