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Social commitment

The Fundación Bankia and the Fundación Exit join forces to reduce early school dropout in the intermediate level of vocational training

The 'Energempresa: desarrolla tu éxito' ('Energise companies: develop your success') complementary theoretical and practical training in the field of electricity and energy efficiency to enhance the employability of young people.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
30 September 2019 - 13:00

  • The project will be launched at the IES Francisco Tomás y Valiente school in Madrid in the Electricity Vocational Training group
  • The project will boost the motivation of young people for their training and improve key skills for their employability
  • The Vocational Training in Electricity has been chosen for its potential for growth and employability in the field of renewable energies

The Fundación Bankia and the Fundación Exit have joined forces to reduce early school dropout in the intermediate level of vocational training through a pilot project that will be implemented at the IES Francisco Tomás y Valiente school in the Comunidad de Madrid.

According to Eurostat data, one in five young Spaniards drop out of school early, a figure that almost doubles the average dropout value in the European Union. To avoid this, the Fundación Bankia and the Fundación Exit are launching an initiative focusing on basic and intermediate vocational training students, who will receive specialised training and training focused on skill development.

On this occasion, a group of students from the Electricity vocational training group have been selected, 25 from intermediate level and 10 from basic level.

According to the Deloitte UNEF report, up to 17,000 jobs could be created in the field of renewable energy by 2025. In addition, the boost to the electric cars and the need to adapt housing, buildings and facilities to more sustainable power systems could also encourage the creation of between 42,000 and 80,000 jobs by 2030, according to the draft of the Government's Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan.

This initiative seeks to boost the motivation of young people for their training and improve their employability. During the first year, students will work on a series of training pills and Master Classes with the participation of companies where they will start to know the job industry from within.

During these visits to companies, a collaborative process will begin, in which students will identify possibilities for improvement in the energy efficiency and renewable energy field, and they will implement them during the second part of the school year.

At the same time, the training pills will provide young people with key skills and abilities, such as teamwork or initiative, aligned with the real needs of the industry and its companies.

Engaging young people from day one, the Fundación Bankia and the Fundación Exit worked on the name of the project with the students. Ultimately, "Energempresa: desarrolla tu éxito” ("Energise companies: develop your success”), was chosen because it conveys the possibilities for professional improvement that this initiative will bring.

The project was presented at the Bankia auditorium on Monday, at a ceremony attended by students and companies in the industry. Other young people who have also completed Vocational Training in Electricity and professionals from the bank who work on maintaining and improving energy efficiency have shared their experiences and motivated young people to make the most of this opportunity.

María Huertas de la Gándara, project manager of the Fundación Exit, believes that "through this project we are able to bring young people closer to the reality of a growing industry and complement their technical training to improve their employability in the future".

For her part, Eva Aguado, territorial coordinator of the Fundación Bankia, emphasised "the importance of accompanying these students in a training process that goes beyond theoretical learning, in order to facilitate the incorporation of students into the job market and increase their chances of finding a job".

The event was closed by the General Director of Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Special Education of the Comunidad de Madrid, José María Rodríguez, who highlighted the trust he has in a project "focused on the electricity industry" and in which students will receive "guidance and advice" that will allow them to see "the importance of what they are studying and the opportunities they are going to have".

Dualiza Bankia, Bankia’s dual training initiative

Dualiza Bankia is the brand through which the Bankia Foundation for Dual Training (Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual) conducts all its promotion and awareness initiatives for vocational training and dual vocational training. And it represents the commitment acquired by Bankia to the promotion of education as a way to improve society, combat inequality and promote greater social cohesion.


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