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Social commitment

Fundación Bankia participates in an international congress to analyse the role of education in the face of future challenges

Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual attends, for the third time, these conferences through Mónica Moso, head of Fundación Bankia Knowledge and Innovation Centre.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
03 September 2019 - 10:15

  • The conference, organised by the European Educational Research Association, will be held all week in Hamburg
  • The head of Fundación Bankia Knowledge and Innovation Centre will analyse the role of VT in this new context

Nearly 3,000 researchers from across Europe will meet this week in Hamburg, at a conference organized by the European Educational Research Association, with the aim of studying the responses that the education sector and academic research can give to current global challenges that increase uncertainty and social instability. These researchers include the head of Fundación Bankia Knowledge and Innovation Centre, Mónica Moso, who will give a presentation on Vocational Training.

Under the title “Education in an age of risk - the role of academic research for the future”, participants will analyse all the coming challenges at round table discussions for different sectors, from “Promoting the development of multiliteracy in multilingual societies”, “The importance of contextualized educational research”, or “Educational evaluation in an era of innovative learning technologies”.

Vocational Training plays a key role in this educational challenge, which will be analysed in a presentation given by Mónica Moso, as well as at a round table discussion on the same subject, chaired by herself.

In her speech, she will explain the need to promote more research into Vocational Training as a basis for designing, evaluating and promoting VT policies and approaches throughout Europe. This research should also aspire to involve international cooperation with the aim of developing VT-oriented knowledge that is better than the current model.

She will also explain how VT has to overcome the current concept of a system aimed only at young students, to make progress with the development of daily learning that continues at work. Along with this, she will also emphasise the importance of underlining the ability of Vocational Training to act as a vehicle for learning and innovation in small and medium enterprises. In this regard, partnerships between educational centres and companies remain key, with the aim of raising more awareness of new trends, technologies and techniques that can be quickly developed.

The conferences of the European Network of Researchers have been held annually since 2000, when the first one took place in Edinburgh. The intention of this organization is to create an inclusive platform to initiate, inform, discuss and promote research with high quality standards into the education sector, that is not only conducted in its own context, but also recognises a broader transnational context, with social, cultural and political similarities and differences.

Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual is attending these conferences for the third time through Mónica Moso. Fundación Bankia also has a presence in other European networks such as the European Research Network on Vocational Education and Training (VETNET), where it has had the opportunity to present its different studies analysing the development of Vocational Training in different Spanish regions, as well as the status of academic research into VT in Spain.

Dualiza Bankia, Bankia’s dual training initiative

Dualiza Bankia is the brand through which Fundación Bankia por la Formación Dual conducts all its promotion and awareness initiatives for vocational training and dual vocational training. And it represents the unequivocal commitment acquired by Bankia to the promotion of education as a way to improve society, combat inequality and promote greater social cohesion.


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