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Lanzadera and Alicantec are the winners of the 5th Conexus Award

The jury recognizes that both projects promote entrepreneurship, innovation and new technologies in the Valencian Community.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
31 May 2019 - 09:30

  • The award, in collaboration with Bankia, will be presented at the Conexus Foundation annual business dinner on 13 June in Madrid

The Conexus Madrid-Comunitat Valenciana Foundation, in collaboration with Bankia, is awarding its 5th Award this year, to Lanzadera and Alicantec in recognition of their careers and efforts to create and cohere an ecosystem of entrepreneurship and innovation in the Valencian Community, known and recognised nationally and internationally.

According to the chairman of Conexus, Manuel Broseta, both projects have been chosen “because they are changing our community and the image that Spain and the world have of us”. “Entrepreneurship, innovation and new technologies are Valencian Community brands”, he assured.

Lanzadera is the start-up incubator and incubator belonging to Marina de Empresas and promoted by Juan Roig with private capital. It offers different incubation and acceleration programmes: from supporting entrepreneurs with projects in the idea phase, through a business incubator where ideas are validated to make them a reality, and accelerating start-ups already launched to the market to ensure their growth. It also has corporate agreements with large companies, in which entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to solve new innovation challenges that these pose.

During its six years of existence, it has provided support to more than 300 companies. They have managed to generate more than 600 direct jobs and external investment of more than 30 million euros. Its goal is to continue growing to drive entrepreneurs to fulfil their entrepreneurial dream, thereby contributing to the generation of jobs and wealth in Spain.

There are currently 140 companies that are receiving support, training and funding at the facilities of Marina de Empresas in Valencia. The accelerator supports entrepreneurs from different sectors, with common learning through the application of the total quality management model in their businesses. They enjoy the facilities in continuous connection with other projects, receive training, have access to financing and have the help and advice of business development experts.

For its part, AlicanTec emerges as a collaborative project between digital companies in Alicante and the Mediterranean (in addition to the Valencian Community, Murcia and the Balearic Islands) that fosters strategies for the development of digital economy).

They currently promote a collaborative network among its 220 partner companies, where national and international success stories abound; as well as international events and initiatives such as the annual blockchain and Artificial Intelligence congresses.

AlicanTec has been actively collaborating with Public Authorities to create a powerful ecosystem in its area of influence. Its founders include international talent and leadership from people such as Nuria Oliver, Javier García, Andrés Torrubia, Eduardo Manchón, Manuel Desantes, Ezequiel Sánchez, Rebecca Rippin and Ángel Pineda ... who have achieved international milestones in the United States, China and Europe.

Andrés Pedreño, its chairman, is an entrepreneur with AI-related start-ups (such as Lucentia Lab, the first EBT created in Spain around AI or 1Millionbot.com, IA applied to intelligent virtual assistants). He also runs the IA Observatory and Torre Juana Open Space Technology.

The Conexus Foundation

The Conexus Foundation organises the Conexus Award in collaboration with Bankia, with the aim of distinguishing a personality, company or institution that has promoted the interests or image of the Valencian Community in national and international areas. The previous winners were Ford, Grupo IVI, Porcelanosa and the Port of Valencia.

The annual Conexus dinner, which will take place on 13 June at the Casino de Madrid, is expected to be attended by numerous personalities from the business and social fabric of both the Valencian Community and from Madrid.


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