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The new Bankia app or how to create a pocket office

The bank’s new app is more agile, simple and has a cutting-edge security module, as well as offering users improvements in the most common processes and including novelties such as the advanced search engine, the IBAN self-copying and the expense finder.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
04 November 2020 - 09:30

Offering the customer all the agility of the neo-banks, but with the portfolio and solvency of a top-tier bank.

This is the goal that Bankia Mobile’s director, Luis de Mena, and his team set for themselves when they embarked on the adventure of developing Bankia’s new app. The challenge was huge, given that the previous version of the bank's app had ended the 2019 financial year with excellent figures: the AQMetrix study placed it among the top 5 best banking apps and the overall customer satisfaction soared to 91.8%.

In 2015, Bankia began a process of digital transformation, the effects of which were already visible in 2018, year in which the Strategic Digital Channels Plan was designed with the aim of positioning the entity as the industry leader in the digital field. Developing a new app and focusing on a “mobile first” strategy was a relevant lever to continue driving this transformation.

Luis de Mena

Luis de Mena

“The previous app was a fundamental tool for change: in 2018, the app was very stable and reliable, but technology advances rapidly and we wanted to be at the forefront. That's why we opted for agility in everyday use and security in operations”, explains De Mena. Said and done. The team went to work and before the summer of 2020 launched a new version of the app with a focus on agility, security and user experience.

Thus, with the help of the UX Directorate led by Ángel Rodríguez, De Mena’s team carried out intensive work in the field of user interaction, which makes the app very easy to use. It's like having all the advantages of an office in your pocket. “We have taken great care of the small details, those that are not seen but that make all day-to-day processes very agile when you use it”, highlights De Mena.

In its first months of operation, the Bankia app - available for Android and iOS - has reached 100 million logins. “It has been an exciting project”, recalls Luis de Mena. This data certifies that the new Bankia app meets the objective for which it was developed, to make life easier for customers.

Main novelties of the Bankia App

Self-copying IBAN


Among these details that make life easier for customers is the self-copying IBAN. The new app allows you to copy the IBAN to clipboard if it is received by text message, WhatsApp or email. The app checks the validity of the number, if it is destined to an account of another national entity or if it is an international transfer, it fills in the field and takes the user to the option without having to do anything else.

The app also has a cutting-edge security module that safeguards the integrity of the operations performed by the customer at all times. In particular, it includes the dual authentication required by European PSD2 regulations to protect all online transactions. The user receives the purchase notification with a push message on their mobile phone and, by clicking on it, the application takes them directly to the validation section where they just have to enter the code received once the purchase data has been validated.

App Bankia

Bianka, the conversational assistant


One of the great advances of the new app is the integration of Bianka, Bankia’s conversational assistant, which informs customers of the latest banking movements and helps them carry out a Bizum by just saying to whom they want to send the money, amount and concept of the operation.

Bianka also makes it easier for bank customers to check bills by name of the issuer or categories, dates and/or amounts and provides information on how to pay or reject a bill, manage direct debits, view, download or share a PDF receipt.

App Bankia

Advanced search engine


The new app has a powerful search engine based on artificial intelligence that helps you find movements in the most agile way. The search engine works with keywords. It also allows to include the month and will offer charges made within that period of time. For example, if the customer needs to find a charge from a year ago in a restaurant and does not remember the exact date, but does know the name of the place, it will suffice to enter it in the search engine so that this returns all coinciding results. This functionality is very useful for locating proofs of purchase, especially when the customer has lost the receipt or it is damaged and illegible.

App Bankia

Expense finder


The Bankia app shows a detailed map of the movements of the customer’s account (as long as the store provides its location). In addition, it automatically categorises the movements and allows the customer to change the suggested categories, to facilitate control of expenses and income.

App Bankia

Cardless cash withdrawal


The app allows users to withdraw money from an ATM without a card. The customer only needs to enter the telephone number on which the customer wishes to receive the code that will allow them to withdraw cash at any of the more than 5,000 network ATMs.

App Bankia

View manager


The new app allows to order and group products to better adapt to customer needs. From the website -Bankia Online-, new views can be set up and organise which accounts, cards, loans and other products can be viewed in each of them. It also provides the option to name and order the products within each view. Everything for the app to be more agile and for the customer to view their products presented as they would like to see them.

App Bankia

SOS button


To avoid panicking at those times when we lose our wallet with all our bank cards in it, the app gives you the option of temporarily deactivating them all at once and activating them again when necessary. To do this, just press the SOS button, located on the app's login page. It also offers the possibility of permanently blocking cards and requesting a new one.

App Bankia

All-in-one Android wallet and app


Bankia was the first bank to integrate all digital payment platforms. Now, through the app, all payments can be made by simply selecting the card with which you want to operate.

App Bankia

Financial aggregator


The app also incorporates the financial aggregator, which allows customers to add the financial positions that they have in the main Spanish banks. By grouping all their financial products in a single place, users can access an overview of their financial situation. In this way, you can consult your balances and account and card movements free of charge, as well as viewing information on loans, investment funds, pension plans and deposits of other entities, together with those you already have with Bankia.

App Bankia


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