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Plaza 53, the first Bankia flagship in Madrid

The new branch has areas with privacy and confidentiality for clients that require financial advice or financial literacy. In addition, among other facilities, the office has the most modern technology, a self-service area, another fast management and active waiting.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
24 October 2019 - 14:00

Bankia opened its first flagship bank in Madrid, an office adapted to modern life with which the entity intends to modernise its banking retail model.

Located at 53 Serrano Street, Plaza 53 has been conceived as a space in which to generate differential experiences for the customer, who will receive a more personalised service thanks to features such as Schedule an appointment or contact with remote managers in multimedia terminals.

A new office concept

Plaza 53 has a different design adapted to the new reality transmitted by Bankia’s values: we are trustworthy, we are close, we are professionals, we are passionate, we are bold and we make it possible. In short, a design that helps to reinforce the image of the brand. With 600 square meters and seven employees (one director, one assistant manager, two advisers and three sales representatives), the bank has conceived the branch as an open store with a large shop window.

The flagship of Bankia has spaces tailored to the different needs of its customers, which adapt to the professional/client relationship and which are all equipped with the necessary privacy and confidentiality for every operation (advice, financial education, new technologies, self-service, etc.) The office operates from 8.15 am to 2.15 pm on weekdays and from 4.15 to 6.30 pm on Thursday evenings (from October to April). It also has its own portal Plaza 53 which can be used to schedule an appointment and read the latest news from the branch and the bank.

The "meeter” is a key feature to provide a unique experience to the customer, so that they feel welcome from the start and can be guided in their operations using the most innovative technology, and coordinating the commercial agenda of the office.

The office has ample spaces adapted to the different needs of the entity's clients.

The agile management zone allows a fast operation with a strong technological load.

Advisory area with specialized spaces, where confidentiality and privacy are guaranteed.

Technology, change and integration

Technology will make it possible to turn this space into a channel that integrates channels, making the human and technological aspects coexist together, so that it is possible to:

  • Meet the needs of customers and improve customer service.
  • Free up employee time for customer service and business management, boosting customer service with tablets, appointments, remote managers in multimedia terminals, etc.
  • Turn the branch into a new channel of communication thanks to the addition of screens aimed at sales and the promotion of products and services; streamline waiting times by transmitting a modern image and including the possibility of segmenting by device and time slot.

The facilities are equipped with the latest technologies to facilitate user management.

Own visual identity

  • Plaza 53 has a clean, modern and easy-to-read logo.
  • The box shows a blueprint of the building with an abstract-style chamfer.
  • The shape of the box is reminiscent of a SIM card as a nod towards the digital world of Bankia.
  • It is a versatile logo, easy to apply to icons, signage and graphic elements of the flagship maintaining the same visual language.


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