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Social commitment

Representatives of Bankia and the City Council of Segovia visit the second renovated courtyard in the San José district

This project has been possible thanks to the collaboration between the financial entity and the City Council through the agreement signed last November.

Communication Bankia

By  Communication Bankia

Publish on 
11 March 2019 - 18:15

  • Located on Paris Street and entitled 'Vida que te quiero verde', the project seeks to create a neighbourhood where the environment is the protagonist
  • The renovation work has been carried out by the Hilógicas Collective

Representatives of Bankia and the City of Segovia visited the second remodelled courtyard in the San José de Segovia district, located on Paris Street. With the title 'Vida que te quiero verde', the renovation is the work of the Segovia collective, Hilógicas.

This work was possible thanks to the collaboration between the bank and the City Council with an agreement signed last November. The objective of this agreement was to create a space where the environment plays a leading role, with specific areas for playing, meeting, walking and resting.

From the City Council, Mayor Clara Luquero and councillors from the two areas involved took part: Marifé Santiago, from the Department of Culture and Ángel Berbel, from the Department of Environment. Bankia’s Regional Corporate Manager in Castilla y León, Lola Peñas; the mayor of Segovia, Clara Luquero; and Bankia’s Area Manager for Segovia Centre-South, José Gabriel García Encinar.

This is the second project of this kind promoted by Bankia and the City Council, which also collaborated for the renovation of the Fernán González square in the San Millán district.

It is also the second artistic project carried out by the Hilógicas collective in the courtyards of Calle París de San José. In November 2017, they renovated the look of three other courtyards on this street with project 'Un patio, muchas vidas'.

‘Vida que te quiero verde’ project

The project 'Vida que te quiero verde' revolves around the five trees in the courtyard. A bench twists and turns like a snake between and around them, conceived as a place for sitting and resting, but also for playing.

The shape of the bench was inspired by a wader bird, the avocet, which does not live in Segovia, but insinuates the very life that green spaces offer (the lawn on which the structure sits). In the part closest to the street, is a circular shape that includes geometric shapes of the same colours - orange, green, grey and black - that are found upon entering the courtyard.

The materials used - natural grass, grass, granitic sand, paving stones and wood - have been chosen according to the design, a sinuous and suggestive shape that inspires movement, luminosity, rhythm and brightness to inspire different interpretations.

This project continues the same conceptual thread, in a general plan that seeks "to create a desirable, attractive, recurring place, that residents can enjoy looking at from above (from their homes), or use it to be with and coexist with the other citizens", according to the collective itself.

The process of transforming the San José courtyards on Paris street also seeks to confer upon them the status of a white space, without noise pollution from mobiles and other electronic devices.


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