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Social commitment

What does Bankia to guarantee access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all?

Thanks to the measures implemented in energy efficiency, more than 2,000 MW have already been saved and 100% of the electricity consumed at Bankia is green electricity.

Bankia Comunicación

By  Bankia Comunicación

Publish on 
05 December 2019 - 11:00

One initiative at a time, from within the company, Bankia has made progress in its commitment to the 'Affordable and non-polluting energySustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 of the United Nations. After that, this objective extends to customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Bankia professionals have understood the importance of energy sustainability and have adapted their habits along these lines. The data show that work has started at home and has had good results: 100% of the electricity consumed at Bankia is green electricity with guarantee of origin, and 72% of fleet vehicles are hybrids with low CO2 emissions. Thanks to the measures implemented in energy efficiency, more than 2,000 MW have already been saved.

In the current context, the energy industry faces great challenges, but also important opportunities, areas in which financial institutions have ample room for action, both through improvements in their internal processes and through the promotion of a financing policy committed to sustainability.

In this regard, Bankia makes a priority contribution to SDG 7, betting on sustainability in its business model and working for growth with full respect for the environment. 

The fight against climate change, the training and awareness-raising of all employees, the continuous improvement of its environmental management and the setting of specific objectives and systems of indicators are the values that inform the bank's environmental policy. This is coupled with closeness and collaboration with suppliers, involving them in the joint management of environmental challenges and opportunities.

The specific objectives of Bankia are set out in the Eco-efficiency and Climate Change Plan 2017-2020, which is a road map in which all bank professionals are involved in one way or another.



greenhouse gas emission


energy consumption


water, paper and toner 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%, energy consumption by 19% and water, paper and toner by 5% are objectives that would be unattainable without the involvement of all the professionals of the bank. Human resources and economic resources work together: Bankia invested 6.3 million euros in environmental matters in 2018 to reach its goals.

And given that commitment starts at home, four iconic Bankia buildings have a certified environmental management system (ISO 14001:2015). These are the buildings at Triana 20 (Las Palmas), Miguel Ángel Villanueva, 9 (Logroño), Pintor Sorolla 8 (Valencia), Paseo de la Castellana 189 and Las Rozas (Madrid).

Green and sustainable products

The United Nations, within the framework of SDG 7, also calls for support for economic initiatives that have a positive impact on modern energy services and Bankia develops and promotes financial solutions that are committed to protecting and improving the environment.

The range is broad and targeted at all types of customers, from individuals and SMEs, to large companies, as this objective requires the involvement of society and the business world as a whole. All actions add up. The way in which we travel or the type of houses in which we live.

To articulate its business strategies, Bankia has the Sustainable Business and Financing Division,  aimed at promoting mobilisation of resources under a framework of action committed to ESG criteria (environmental, social and governance criteria) and promoting sustainable financing.

"The consequences of climate change are clear and society as a whole is aware that it is necessary to take mitigating measures", says Carlos Barrientos, head of the Sustainable Business and Financing Division, who adds that "the most critical aspect is to incorporate the ESG criteria into future decision-making".

According to Barrientos, "we all play a relevant role, including financial institutions as platforms for savings and investment."

Bankia committed to the SDGs

Bankia is committed to the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact and the 2030 Agenda, which sets out the Sustainable Development Goals, which highlight a series of measures to end poverty, protect the planet and guarantee the global welfare of persons.

For Bankia, these two initiatives are the fundamental pillars that help to prioritise and identify opportunities, which entail improving sustainability and adapting the business model to the challenges set for 2030.


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